Is it normal to spot in your first trimester?

Hi, I wanted to know if any expecting moms have had spotting in their first trimester? I am about eight weeks along and have been experiencing spotting today. My partner and I did have sex earlier today (hours ago), but I am now seeing very light spotting. I did some research, and it reads that it could be normal as there are changes happening in the cervix, and the sexual intercourse could have irritated it. I am going to call my doctor in the morning but I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this. Thank you!


It can be. But if it ever becomes more than a spot I would start being concerned.

If its red go in to emergancy. Praying/ thinking about you

I would call now. Don’t wait. Happened to me at 8 weeks also. Baby was fine but I needed meds to stop it.

In my experience I did spot in the first trimester but because of a subchorionic hemorrhage. They said it’s normal for that to happen, it typically happens when the gestational sac grows and moves a little from where it was leaving behind some blood. As long as there isn’t pain and it’s very light you should be good. Still let your doctor know, but they will tell you to monitor it and if it gets too heavy or painful go to the ER.

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Also color doesn’t matter, what matters is the amount

I was told implantation bleeding can last the whole trimester. Definitely check with your doctor though.

I spotted everytime my spouse and I had intercourse all the way through my second trimester, but only if he finished in me, which was weird. Dr said my cervix was sensitive due to the pregnancy snd the semen irritated it even more. If you’re concerned never be afraid to contact your dr. In my situation they told me that if it wasn’t bright red, consistent or filling a pantiliner then it was okay. If you have associated cramping and pain and bright red blood id be concerned.

I did spot after sex during my first trimester.

Spotting yes, bleeding no. I would still call my doctor just to be safe.

I did a little bit. But, I was okay.

I did but had a subchorionic hemorrhage. They monitored it and it resolved on it’s own. Definitely get it checked out.

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I actually just went through this. I never spotted with my first pregnancy. I’m only 14 weeks now with my second and spotted started at about 10-11weeks… I went to hospital - everything was good … had an appt with my dr and he said some women can experience this through out their whole pregnancy which I have heard of that before. But the spotting stopped right after I left the hospital. Havnt had any spotting since. Also the Dr did ask me if I had sex the days before which I didn’t. So that could be why also in your case. The Dr did mention to me that if I was having a miscarriage it wouldn’t be spotting. It would be cramping, clots, and alot of blood.

The ONLY time I ever bled in a pregnancy light or heavy was when I miscarried.
Get into your OB ASAP just to check it all out.


I had light pink spotting with both pregnancies.
I went and got checked to be safe both times it was because of sex and cervix changes.
I would call you doctor to be safe but I wouldnt freak out too much.

As long as it’s light pink or brownish yes. If it’s red red then ER

I spotted several times and the doctor said it is pretty normal.

Spotting is completely normal especially after sex. A few times at the beginning of my pregnancy I spotted a pinkish color after sex. Brown is also normal. As long as it’s not bright red/vibrant red (which could be a sign of miscarriage) you should be fine. But yes check with your obgyn

13 weeks here and I spot every time from intercourse. Have since 6 weeks.

I did with low laying placenta was grand