Is it normal to still feel sore one week post partum?

Hi, I’m One week postpartum, and I had a vagina delivery and had a second-degree tear I was wondering if it’s normal to still feel soreness down there and soreness around the pelvic area. This was my second pregnancy with the first I had a third-degree tear, but I don’t remember feeling this sore like I did last time.


One week? Girl yes… totally normal…

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You probably tore scar tissue. Which makes it hurt worse and hurt longer.


Yes, I had the worst episiotomy. I took my pain meds for two weeks. And then used Advil and Tylenol for pain. Sitz baths and laying spread eagle in a hot tub of water really helped me.

Months to a year recovery. Doctors will say weeks but every woman is different. Dont push yourself and recover.

No why would that be normal, healing happens instantly :thinking:


Hell yes … took me weeks to recover

Yes! It took me MONTHS to not feel sore and nearly a year to feel ‘normal’ after one of my births. A week in I was still sitting on a donut and using ice packs daily.

Yes! I felt like I got hit by a tractor trailer for like 2 weeks after my 3rd :tired_face::rofl:

Yes. Totally normal. Just make sure you’re cleaning it how they told you.

100% normal. With my first he was big and gave me a 2nd degree tear and I was sore for about 8 weeks aftwr

Oh god yes! I was on pain killers for a few weeks afterwards. Will probably be worse because you’ve re torn what you tore the first time!

Um I’d be more concerned if you weren’t sore lol. Totally normal

They say takes 10 to 14 days for the wounds to heal. But complete healing a feeling normal took longer for me. I’d only be worried if its there after 6 weeks period

It can be normal but if you feel extreme pain or that something isn’t right check with your dr to make sure you don’t have a hematoma or something.

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It’s very normal to be sore for quite a while. Every pregnancy is different. Sometimes there’s almost no soreness, sometimes it last for a long time.

Yes it’s normal , and it’s a vaginal delivery lol

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First two weeks were absolute hell. Make sure you’re cleaning consistently. Literally one day it was like flip of a switch where I felt significantly better.

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I actually didn’t start feeling really sore until 7-10 days after! That’s when it hurt to sit for long periods and stuff for me

Totally normal! My first pregnancy I had second degree tear and I was sore for weeks!