Is it normal to stop caring about your appearance?

Is it normal to care less about make up and appearances as you get older? I’m in my mid thirties and find that I have no desire to get all made up like I used to. I actually feel silly with a lot of make up on, the older I get. Is this a thing for anyone else?


Im 24 and already dont care lol


Ill b 33 Jan 6th and I feel that way already lol

Shoot I just turned 30 I stopped caring about my appearance about 10 years ago other people’s opinions of my appearance are irrelevant. It takes too much effort to do makeup so I stopped wearing it years ago

I’m 40, I hardly wear make up especially going to work and I am usually in jeans and a T-shirt. Mom life takes its toll.

Iam 39. My theory is you don’t like dont look lol


Im 25 and stopped caring earlier this year lol

That’s where I’m at. Unless I need to look professional or put together for a job specific reason I just don’t have the need or desire to do any extra.

I feel the same. The older I get the more I realize that you should take pride in yourself of course and take care of yourself but it is no longer important to me to get all done up all the time

23 and don’t care :joy: I have a 5 month old and rarely find the time to get all prettied up like I used to.

I’ve been like that since my early 20s

I stopped caring many moons ago. But as the years go on, the only thing that matters is comfort. That seems to be working out for me.

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34 I don’t care. Havent for awhile now

I never was a big makeup fan usually eyeshadow and mascara when younger now you lucky I do it all

I wear make up to church on sundays the other days I don’t care

23 with a 9 month old & 4 year old… I stopped caring alooooong time ago :sweat_smile:

I’m 34 and I haven’t cared about my appearance since my oldest daughter was born when I was 22

I’m 27 and feel like this :joy:

Yes I definitely think as you get older that becomes less important, I stopped really caring at all around 26. Unless it’s for something important I just don’t care lol

WhAt I wear and how much makeup I put on doesn’t define who I am. I’m 34 and and work a lot. When I’m not at work I want to be comfortable. I don’t care what people are think. If you judge me by what I’m wearing. Your no friend of mine.