Is it normal to think more about my ex now since I gave birth to our baby?

I have a question maybe you can post for me so I can get some advice? Keep it anonymous, please & thank you? Is it normal to think more about my ex now since I gave birth to our baby? We dated for four months then I broke up with him because I just wasn’t happy and he was very sloppy. He barely took me on dates; it was always lying in bed & having sex. He told me he was fixed; then, a few weeks after breaking up, I found out I was pregnant. He harassed me and made threats once I told him then after a month of nonstop, he texts me apologizing saying he moved on, and he didn’t want my baby. He is 30 and dated this 43 year old for four months; then, they got married. She has two kids that are around my age 27 that he is involved with. My daughter is almost a year old, and he never bothered to ask what the gender was or if I need anything. Has anyone been in this type of situation before? How did you move on? It bothers me more now because I would give anything to be a family. How do I just move on & forget him? He acts like I don’t exist…


Doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about him or not… he married someone else. Contact child support agency and file for child support … move on


Why would you want to give the time of day to someone who treats you and your kid like shit, it’s hard but move on for the sake of your child and yourself


Sweety the best thing you can do for yourself and your mental state is focus on your daughter. I get it. I have been exactly where you are at the exact same age. Its hard and it hurts to think of him giving everything you want to someone else and being mother of the child he doesn’t acknowledge. But I promise you twenty years from now when your daughter is grown you will look back and realize you were all she ever needed. Find you someone don’t settle. Your a package deal and you have to find a man that is willing to step up. They are out there. But for now let your thoughts go back to he didn’t want his own daughter. Eventually those thoughts will turn to hate than to forget. I promise.


You didn’t want him. He moved on. Now you want him back. Typical. Leave him alone. Move on.


You don’t like how he handled you but you don’t really miss him. Think about all the wrong to you he have done. File for child support and I bet he come calling. That will be your cue to tell him to kiss your ass. I know you want your child to have a father but she will respect you more for being strong and doing what u have to do for her.


You know in your heart he isnt good for you…don’t look back. Concentrate on your child and living your best life…when you least expect it you’ll find a new man that will treat your right


Why are you not going after him for child support? Day dreaming about what could have been. Is getting you nowhere! Take care of You and your child. Make him pay for a child he helped create. Move On!!


Yes girl I have. My first time around. Ended up back with him when he cheated on his fiancé a year after our first was born. Shit happened, he got hurt really bad ended up getting pregnant, he bounced Again, couple years later shows back up. Our third child was born 2 years ago.

Let the thoughts be thoughts and Move On girl! I was a single mom for 7 years. Thought I was too fucked up to be loved… Started working, going to school and I met someone who lived in my apartment complex. We were friends for a couple years, been together a year now and we are engaged!

You’re gonna see some dark days girl. You gotta be strong for yourself and daughter! Let him not give a fuck, you’re living the story you gotta deal with. Make a family for yourself and your daughter, you don’t Need anyone else. Honestly better off with him not around. I would get custody. Just so he can’t show up in a couple years and take her. Start a new life! Go get a few jobs, stack money and disappear. Best thing I ever did.

You can be happy and loved again. Take care of yourself

I had a few songs that got me through.

Baby Don’t Cry(Keep ya Head Up part 2) -Tupac
Keep ya Head up-Tupac
Me against the World-Tupac.

We all have a right to be stupid. I learned things the hard way.

Move on girl u deserve so much more so does ur princess…but diffently go to child support

Are girls really this stupid??? Holy crap.
If he treats you like shit, move on, collect child support


You don’t realize it now maybe but you are so lucky not having him in your life sorry to say that for your little baby girl he hasn’t even grown up yet

Move on! He isnt worth your time why give him the opportunity to hurt you? Move on! You deserve better!

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Get yourself some child support…your daughter deserves it!!! Then FORGET him!!!

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Move on there always someone who will make you feel wanted, with child and all. I wouldn’t even go for child support it would be hard on the baby to know she has a father that supports her only because it’s mandated and he never cared about her. It’s his lost.

Believe it or not, Prayer Changes things. If you want to have a loving family, Pray. You’ll get it.

You already have the baby, the baby is love and so is God. Pray about it.

I don’t see why it’s so hard for you to move on…oh wait most you woman like men that shit on you now that makes sense …he lied to you about not able to have kids and he married someone else move on woman

Take his ass to court. He is responsible for your baby. And then move on. You deserve better!

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File for child support and forget him. He doesn’t seem like father material. And he’s married.