Is it OK if a baby sleeps with their mouth open?

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If they do there is a reason. I have to hold My 3 yr olds mouth open for him so he can breath sometimes. He will stop breathing literally every breath his tonsils are huge and will be getting them removed soon.

My daughters always slept with their mouth open… one had their adenoids taken out and the others have dental problems. I would consult a dr to see what’s the best thing to do for them. None of my were binki takers so I’m sure their dental issues are probably from this.

My son has slept with his mouth open since he was about 6 months old. And he snored a lot. His adenoids were blocking 70% of his airway.

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Could dry out their throat. Also sleep apnea could be an issue.

Like it’s fine but may be concerning if they always mouth breathe when sleeping and/or snore . As that could be a tonsil/Adenoid issue . Specially if their sleep is a mess .


Believe it or not it can cause dental issues. My son is a mouth breather and according to his dentist and doctor…thats part of the cause of why he has orthodontic issues. Who knew!

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How does a child sleeping with their mouth open cause dental issues?
I had my tonsils and adenoids removed as a child but still sleep with my mouth open.


Check into a myofunctional therapist. They work to correct the mouth breathing and tongue positions.

I would say worth asking pediatrician about to be sure tonsils or adenoids aren’t enlarged. Could be nothing but that could be the issue too.

Both my babies sleep with their mouth open, my son had his adenoids and tonsils removed and he still sleeps with his mouth open haha no snoring either … esch child is different thou hun…

My partner does too, an he says i do sometimes too…

I would gently close the child’s mouth when sleeping. It can definitely cause dental issues.

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I feel like more context is needed to give an accurate answer.


Just don’t let no bugs get in their mouth but no I would check with the doctor

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My kiddo ended up needing tonsils and adenoids removed. No more open mouth sleeping.

Um idk do you sleep with your mouth open? Haha this question :joy::joy:

Yes. No issues here lol

I would have them see their provider. I had an adenoid issue as a child that was never resolved and was a “mouth breather”. It affected not only breathing at night, but the permanent structure of my teeth and face. Ultimately, social media is a poor place to go for advice about this, you’ll want to talk to your child’s doctor with specifics and come up with a plan with them.

My son has always slept with his mouth open and has no dental issues. It’s how he breathes

My son did for years, turned out he needed his adenoids removed.