Is it okay for me to ask my 19 year old to move out?

If your oldest, who is 19, but still lives at home, and thinks and acts like they are the parent and constantly talks back to their own parents as well as siblings, is it ok to tell them to move out? If so, how? If not, why not? Siblings are 17, 16, and 10.


Are they in college or working?

Yes u tell him to follow the rules and no disrespect or get out plain and simple


Theyre an adult now and especially if they cant show RESPECT for ANYONE they live with then its time to go :ok_hand: might be mean but oh well…learnin time


Listen , if they aren’t respecting your home , and are of age to move out , then YES ! Do they work ?


It’s totally acceptable! Do it!:heart::raised_hands:t4:

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Even as their parent if your full grown child disrespects you in YOUR home you don’t owe them sh*t not even a roof over their head.


Sure. Just keep an eye out for them incase they start getting homless or something bad like that.


I would just tell them look i love you but its time for you to start being independent and get your own place ( if they are working if not make them get a job and save up to get their own place) honestly if its not workinh with him living there and he is disrespectful its okay to have them move out it doesnt make you a bad parent he is an adult and you have to have peace in your own home


If they are not working or going to school. If they are not helping provide for the home then yes. Disrespectful grown people don’t belong in the house if they can’t follow the rules. I was 18 and paid rent weekly at my parents home. Granted it wasn’t much but I understand what they were preparing me for.


Ask? Hell no! TELL them to shape up or ship out.


Are you willing to have an conversation first? Set some boundaries and lay out your expectations?
A lot of these kinds of things can be avoided with a little communication.


You’re a parent and you decided to have kids. It’s your responsibility to make sure they’re set up properly if you want them to move out, kicking them out with no resources is wrong.

At 19 you don’t always have the means to move out in our economy.

But if the kid is being an ass on purpose and making no effort to change, then absolutely. But at least be sure he has somewhere to go.

No too young and immature and it obviously shows in the behaviour you make sure they follow your house rules if they live under your roof


Start charging rent. They’ll move out quick.


I had my daughter move out at 17 after she graduated. Things were incredibly bad and volatile. It was bad for her siblings to see


Maybe if you don’t feel like kicking them out is the right option (that’s your choice) try charging them. Rent, groceries, wifi etc. they don’t pay you change the password and make a meal for the rest of the family. Tell them it’s either this way until they can show they are listening and being respectful or find another place to live? You also kill 2 birds with one stone because let’s say they start respecting the house rules, if you save that money by the time they are ready to go look for something they have some money to help get them started.


There 19, but daughter did. She wasn’t asked she was TOLD. Then came home at 21. She’s even had a baby and she knows how well she has it now.
Maybe yours will not come back. But I bet they understand better how life really goes

Of course it is okay to tell them to move out. My oldest is 18 and he is fully aware that we have rules in this house and that they are to be followed. Our biggest rule is we do not disrespect adults in this house and if you cannot follow that then you don’t need to be here.

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Yea I mean. It’s gonna be rough. But at the same time one thing i remember being really respectful of is my moms house when I’m an adult. It dosent matter HOW old I am, I act under rules still. Be home by 11 pm, don’t smoke in the house, don’t be a dick, help out, ect. Your responsibility by law is no longer in effect. It would be same if I was renting from someone diffrent, there are rules and guidelines you need to follow or get evicted.

There’s also the option of allowing a second chance, but writing up a contract.
These rules need to be followed, if they are not, you will be TOLD to leave.