Is it okay for me to ask my 19 year old to move out?

Before kicking them out if ask them to pay some bills not the full bill but a partial amount of each bill. Water power cable rent. And tell them this is part of being an adult and if they don’t like it they can move out. The door is always open for them to come back but the bills will still be here

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Maybe try repairing your relationship?


Depends on the situation. Sometimes it helps sometimes they get more volatile. Does he work? Give him notice. Charge rent

I have been there and have made the tough choice to kick my 17 year old son out due to bad disrespectful behavior. It was hard and I meet with much opposition but I stuck to my guns and am glad I did . Fast Forward, my son has thanked me many times for not putting up with his BS and he is a hardworking man, not without problems but he takes care of him self and we have a good relationship. I would say he either pays rent , lives by house rules or moves along.

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Yep! They are an adult. Set rules if they are broken they can GO.

Man this is a toughy bc a lot of the time older siblings grew up being secondary parents. To grow up in that position and then be treated like a child as an adult (although young) is frustrating. If the parents never really actively parented the kid they absorb that roll and project it onto anyone who they think needs it. You need to look at the consequence of your parenting I don’t think it’s right to ask them to move when you created this person.


We just kicked out 18 year old out because he refuses to work go to college or do anything with his life.


Absolutely! If they won’t respect boundaries set and are a legal adult buh bye! Our kids know they are always welcome home as long as they respect the rules under our roof period no if ands or buts

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Kicking them out could ruin a bond between you both, Maybe try some time for you two. Try have a chat express your feelings and how things need to change or unfortunately it’ll be time to start find somewhere else to go. - even at 19 their still babies it’s a tough gig still trying to fit in to the world. Maybe their stressed? Under a lot of pressure? I hope you can repair a great relationship between you and all the children before just kicking the oldest to the curb.


Make him pay rent for a yet first. Save all his rent and give it back to him to get into his home. Win win :woman_shrugging:t3: he gets used to paying rent, and he doesn’t have to struggle to get up the money to move.


Yes, if they can’t respect house rules absolutely. They are old enough to drive, work and have their own place so I’d say yes


Atleast make sure they have a good job

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Absoultly, everyone in the house has to
CO exist.
we all have to communicate and make comprises to have a happy home.
I’d set up house rules and expectations. If you cannot abide by them you can move out and make your own rules but know I won’t be paying a single one of theor bills once they don’t go.
Yes life is tough at 19 but try being the parent of ungreatful children who feel entilted to talk to you however they want! Nope, learn some respect or out!


They need to be making their own choices at 19. It is, however, your home and get to define the rules. It is your child’s choice and doing if they choose not to follow the rules. Their actions have consequences and when you follow through and helo them pack their belongings, remind them it was their behaviour that brought about the consequences


Yes its ok to ask them to move out. Explain to them what you just told us. Their actions are unexpectedly. It would be no different if they were renting a place. If you don’t fallow the rules and regulations that the landlord has set out, your given the boot. Simple as that.

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I could not see my child on the street especially in this day and age more than ever everyone needs family to be there for them . Must though have boundaries and ground rules.


This is so sad many parents had to go through this with their own children…i really don’t know what’s going on in the minds of these children…some of them don’t realise the struggle their parents went through just to bring them up…i am in the same situation…i tried to patience and prayer it really helps…i pray and hope in God that he works a miracle in time to come…i don’t want to lose my children I am afraid they might end up with the wrong company and would not be of benefit to society or to their fellow human beings…prayer helps you feel relieved knowing that you are speaking to the One who is in control of everything hoping at the same time your prayers will be answered…show compassion to your child when things get bad on the other side he will realize that his mom was right and she was there for him and as parents you want what is best for your child…children don’t realise that as parents you want what is best for your child until they become parents themselves then they realize the true value of their parents…i pray that the Creator mend the situation between you and your child and cause u too to be united with that special bond you once share with your child…Ameen…

Do they have enough funds to move out? Do you realize how much housing is? Find out their finances first vs. Housing, food, necessities blah blah blah bc dont be the selfish scumbag who makes their loved ones homeless


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U gotta put the fear in him . Until u show him what ur made of they will keep doing it .u don’t have to hurt them just scare them into thinking u will .