Is it okay for me to ask my 19 year old to move out?

If they want to act like an adult, then they can be an adult and move out.


maybe just don’t word it like that. “helping them to be independent” lol but yep BOOT

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Yes… if she wants to adult do that shit in your own place or get efffffed up!!! Not in my house where “I” pay bills!!! Simple!!! 19-29…

I would set expectations and boundaries. “If you are to continue living here, I need you to be respectful of everyone living in the house.” That being said, it’s a two way street. If they’re being “disrespectful” I would try to consider the place in which is comes from. Are the also not feeling respected?
If they can’t be respectful then I would work on helping them find other living arrangements. I could not see myself making my 19 year old homeless over something like this.


I think you work on the relationship, I’m sure there is more to the story than this brief synopsis. If there is a problem and your solution is to kick them out you will probably have no relationship with your child. Just because they are technically adults doesn’t mean they are ready to adult.


Yes. It’s time to make a move out plan.

I got made to move out when I was 17 and I turned out alright

First the kid needs a job or go to college or both. If he doesn’t want to do neither you have to give him a timeline and tell him if by X date he will have to move out.

Absolutely! At 19 he is an adult, should already have a job, he wants to be disrespectful, do it in your own house, he wouldn’t do it in mine. He would not lay around my house with an attitude and no job.

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Age is just a number.
Still grown folk who cant function in society. If your worried about why theres issues now, it too late to fix.
Just like a house requires meticulous planning an a labor of Love until the foundation is completed- is the same as raising toddlers and teenagers. You build them as a parent. 19 with an attitude, show him/her how life is without mom or dad and see how quickly they change and appreciate what they did have.

No… that’s your kid. I’d help him make a plan but to simply just say, “it’s time to go” could land them in bad situations.


You follow the rules and expectations of the homeowners, or you live somewhere that you can make the rules. I would give them notice though. Maybe you give 3 months instead of the standard 1 month, just to be certain they have a living situation and a job lined up. Nothing wrong with tough parenting, but it’s kind and loving to be reasonable about it instead of cruel… when given the choice anyway. No one wants to alienate their child entirely when trying to teach them lesson. It’s a fine line, but an important one.

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It’s my home. If they are over 18 and dont respect me and my home they can go, no matter who they are.


Maybe you should find out if they’re able to move out first before asking them to. Living on your own can be expensive and you should be able to afford it

Darn rights it’s ok. Once he’s 18 you can kick him out. Foster homes kick you out on your 19th.

Yes. They’re 19, an adult

If you do it to one I hope you do it with the others also, or the first born will resent you.


At that age, I think its acceptable if they aren’t being productive. I would let my kids stay with me as long as they needed as long as they’re working on their future, have a job and saving, going to school kinds of things.
I’d make his ass get out (my son lol) if he was being disrespectful, lazy and unproductive because relying on us as parents isnt going to teach them anything at that age. There’s got to be ground rules, I’m 26 and if I had to go home I could BUT my dad would expect me to find a job within a reasonable amount if time or at least be putting the effort in to find one. Depending on circumstances hed even charge a small “rent” fee. And I’d have to have the respect to let them know if I’m not coming home at night. Responsible for my pet and all that encompasses. My mom wouldnt make me buy my own groceries because she cooks for everyone but I’d definately be expected to help out if I’m wanting specific things or not eating what she makes.
I’d also be expected to help around the house, either simple things like vacuuming or dishes, hauling in firewood.
There aren’t rules like no eating in the living room or I have to be in the house by 10 lol but basic respect and responsibility, and that’s what I’d expect from my grown children as well.

Tell them they start respecting you and your house and everyone in it or they can leave.

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Before it comes to just talking back,like in my case where my daughter tried to beat my ass,ask him/her to leave