Is it okay for me to feed my baby in front of my bonus kids?

I am due any day now with my first kid, and also have two bonus kids, 8 and 5. We have my bonus kiddos a little less than part-time, but it’s only a matter of time before they see my breastfeeding / pumping … any advice on how to explain this to them in a way that’s appropriate. ALSO - Would you be uncomfortable with your own kid seeing their stepmom feed the baby? Yes, I know it’s natural, but I’m really confused about how to handle this!

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Do what makes you most comfortable. You shouldn’t have to worry about it honestly. It’s feeding your baby. :heart:


If they were younger I’d say it’s fine but since they are older and could possibly tell their mother in a way that may be misinterpreted I would say keep yourself covered when feeding. If you guys only have them less than part time it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience


Of course it’s ok! I have 4 kids (2 different dads) and we adopted our nephew. My 4th baby is 18 months old and my bonus is 6. He was in awe. He thought it was so cool that mom’s body made baby sisters food. You could ask them depending on age. But really it’s whatever you’re comfortable with. You should be able to feed baby anytime anywhere but you could designate a feeding spot. And also, I would not feel weird about my kids seeing anyone else breastfeeding their baby, related or not.


To be honest I’d ask my husband on how he feels and if he can ask the mother on their views. Being a bonus mom is tough especially when there’s a bio-mom who isn’t nice.


Your baby. Your house. Feed your baby. Period. 💁


If you guys have a functioning relationship with their mom tell them that you are breastfeeding and that way she knows what to expect as far as questions and help her have a response to that as well. You shouldn’t have to smother yourself or your child in your own home. There are ways to keep almost everything covered up but the truth is this is normal and you should feel proud of breastfeeding


I do but everyone is different it just depends on how comfortable you are with each other

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Baby gotta eat. I wouldn’t be mad at any Mum feeding her baby in front of my kids. Maybe ask their mother her thoughts?

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It’s just feeding a baby. They’re going to be parents someday too. Let them learn.

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I did. I’m not hiding in my own house to feed my child. We just explained why and this is normal and what it was and it ended up being fine. My step son was 5 at the time. It’s not a big deal unless the environment you’re in makes it a big deal. Kids learn to react how they see their adults react.


I wouldn’t cover.
When we cover our bodies up, it creates almost too much modesty. Theres nothing sexual or wrong about feeding a baby, hell they may have been breastfed too :joy:
Teach them it’s the best food for little new babies, tell them about it, make it a biology lesson.
Best way to make it not sexual or weird is information, answer all questions no matter how silly, and include more stuff about to learn about their bodies. Kids are usually fascinated with how their bodies work, I know i was!


There is absolutely no reason you should not feel comfortable breastfeeding anywhere, especially in your own home. Don’t even give this a second thought.


Of course it’s ok. It’s natural. It’s important that breastfeeding is normalised.


Feed the baby and if they ask give age appropriate answers. Treat like is t a big deal Bc it isn’t.

Feed that baby, momma. Doesn’t matter who’s in the room. Simply tell the other kids that you are feeding the baby and it’s completely natural. Don’t stigmatize breast feeding to them and they won’t be uncomfortable.


If you do it right they wont see anything with breastfeeding. But there is zero reason for them to see you pumping.


I don’t personally have step children but my daughter does have a step mom. If she ever breast fed or pumped in front of my daughter… I’d applaud her. I’d only ask that she explain to my kiddo that its natural. That babies can way from a boobie or a bottle. If you’re unsure, ask the kids mom. :purple_heart:


Don’t make a big thing out of it. Start explaining now how babies are fed, and what’s to be expected. There is nothing wrong with feeding a baby in front of anyone.

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I’d say team up with bio mum and maybe have her talk to them or ask if you’re allowed to? That way nothings interpreted in a bad way

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