Is it okay that my 5-month-old sleeps on her stomach?

My daughter is five months old and only sleeps on her stomach. When she was a newborn, we swaddled, she slept on her back and absolutely hated tummy time. At three and a half months, she flipped, and we transitioned out of the swaddled. At first, she was ok, but a few weeks later, if we placed her on her back, she would wake up and scream and cry until we flipped her, then she would instantly go to sleep and most nights sleep all night. In about a month, we want to move her from the pack n play in our bedroom and into a crib in her room. That’s where I am terrified because then a fitted sheet gets involved plus a mattress. If she’s slept fine on her stomach for over a month just fine, do I have anything to be worried about?


If she can safely roll to her belly herself, he’s she’s fine


3 of my 4 were that way. If she can roll and has good neck control is not an issue

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Yes as long as there is nothing in her crib and she can turn her head so her face isnt on the mattress it is safe.

It’s only ok if she can get to her stomach by herself. You putting her on her stomach is not the same thing as her rolling over herself

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As long as she can turn over on her own she’s fine. Mine were sleeping on their belly by 5 months with no issues. Once they can turn themselves you cant do much to stop it.

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Can she roll? If she can roll over on her own its fine.

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My littlest has always been a tummy sleeper, the nurses told me its not ideal (obviously) but that him getting sleep is the main priority!

I wouldn’t worry but if you think it would make you more comfortable try putting her on her side to sleep

My 4 month old has been rolling over to his belly at night. It scares me so bad! His pediatrician said as long as he can roll on his own, he is fine. Just make sure there is a tight sheet and nothing in the crib.

As long as she can lift her head and move it from side to side she will be fine

If she can roll over then you can’t exactly prevent it and it should be just fine

Once they can roll over, then it doesn’t matter. My son was a tummy sleeper and he got himself to roll by 4 weeks. Doctor kept saying to move him back onto his back and didn’t believe my son was rolling over already, so I took video, went back in a few days later, showed him the video and told him to come over and stop him. He finally said it was fine since my son could roll over on his own.

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My son was a stomach sleeper from day one, hated being on his back or being swaddled. Make sure there isn’t anything in the crib with her and dress her warm. Use a baby monitor to ease your mind a little. Both baby and mom deserve to sleep comfortably! Good luck!

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If she can roll from belly to back, and back to belly then it’s fine, if not she should still sleep on her back

If she rolls from her back, there’s nothing to do. If you put her on her back and she cries, let her cry. Don’t put her on her stomach without supervision.

The biggest worry with belly sleeping is that infants don’t have the control to move/roll over if they can’t breathe. If your babe can roll over and has head control she should be fine :two_hearts:

If she goes on her stomach by herself it’s fine. Both my kids did that. As long as she is able to roll you should be all good

My kids were all stomach sleepers.

The biggest concern with belly sleeping is that they will get “stuck” and become unable to breathe. That as infants they don’t have the body control to automatically move in their sleep to allow for better breathing. If she rolls to her tummy on her own and has good neck control then its perfectly safe as long as there’s nothing in her crib.