Is it okay to be a surrogate for family?

Is it wrong to be the surrogate for my brother and his fiance?

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Girl this is an extremely personal question only you can answer for yourself. Why does a bunch of strangers opinions matter to you?


You do what you think is right. If my brother needed me to and I was healthy enough I totally would. But again, it depends on your feelings and you relationship. Only you can make that choice.


Yes. No. You’re decision.

Is it wrong? No absolutely not. That is a wonderful thing to do. Is it for everyone? No. So that’s a decision only YOU can make because it is your body. If they asked you, you are 100% the only one that can make the final decision. And you shouldn’t feel bad if you say no. But it isn’t wrong to do it (since that’s what it seems like you’re asking).


I think having a family member as a surrogate is actually pretty common. As for whether it’s ok or if it’s something you should do, that’s a question that’s best answered by you.


I would literally give anything for someone to carry my son or daughter for me.


I think it’s a beautiful thing if you could give them that gift. If you are comfortable with that decision.


Morally? Absolutely not. Personally? Completely up to you. You don’t have an obligation to be a surrogate but if you want to be and they want you to be then there is nothing wrong with it. There is also nothing wrong with you choosing not to be. Pregnancy is very personal and potentially problematic. Both of my pregnancies almost killed me.

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I wouldn’t do it personally but if you feel comfortable with it then go for it!

I think the answer is yes! As someone who struggles so bad with fertility it would be such a blessing to know someone who would do something so beautiful for me. HOWEVER you have to fully accept your going to feel this little baby move, you’ll see the ultrasounds, you’ll obviously have some attachments and you have to let that baby go. Yes you’ll see the baby because of your brother but that of course is not the same as a normal pregnancy/birth story. It wont be you buying the little things and getting the little snuggles all the time afterwards. Itll be emotional and I’m sure to a degree heartbreaking but also such a rewarding thing. I’m not trying to scare you at all but this isnt just a “oh I’ll just have a baby and let it go because it’s my brother itll be easy!” Which I’m sure you didnt just think that but it’s a very big thing your doing. The other thing is, if you have a partner what have they thought about it? Yes it’s your body but for 9 months you two will be growing this beautiful being and itll be strenuous on him/her as well. I think your a wonderful person for even considering this for your brother! But please really really consider the cons to this adventure before you commit. I wish you all so much luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Personally it’s not something I could do, having that bond with the baby as your pregnancy grows and then your brother being someone you spend regular time with it would be hard to hand the baby over and see him/her all the the time and not be able to take home.

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IF you are ok with that and so is your family yes, don’t let people guilt you into not doing something beautiful like helping someone else have a child. You will be implanted with her fertilized egg, it is not like they are going to impregnate you with your brother’s sperm. Good luck.

I personally think it’s a precious thing to do. That’s solely your decision though.

Why are you ask strangers such a personal question

If it was me I would…It’s a beautiful amazing thing you can do for someone you love…It is your decision at the end of the day…

If I was still of age and was able to have children I would 1000% do that for my family member or even a very close friend. For ppl saying you wouldn’t take the child home blah blah blah it’s not yours you simple gave it a place to grow. Don’t do it if your not emotionally or mentally strong enough though. This should involve some counseling on everyone’s part!!!


It’s a selfless act and i think its a great idea

I would do it there’s no shame

Go for it. You are giving them the biggest blessing anyone could.