Is it okay to have cats while pregnant?

Have a cat. And wanted to know if it’s safe to have a cat at home. He’s an indoor cat. I’m only 5 weeks pregnant. But I want to know if it’s safe. I don’t want to get rid of my kitty.


It’s safe to have a cat but it there is anyone else in the home,have them take over scooping the litter box to avoid the chance of toxoplasmosis.


Yes. Just don’t change the litter box anymore, have someone else do it.

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It’s not safe for you to handle the litter. See if your significant other will handle that part while you are pregnant :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why would it not be safe? I had cats through all 3 pregnancies, just had someone else change the litter

I had two cats through all three of my pregnancies my husband just took care of cleaning the litter box out cuz of the ammonia

Yea just do not change their litter box!

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It’s 100% safe… you just need to avoid being the one that cleans the litterbox.

It’s safe. As long as the cat hasn’t gone outside you aren’t at risk for the disease that risks your pregnancy. You can still change the litter. It’s a myth. The only time it’s a risk is if the cat also goes outdoors and got the bacteria from a prey.


It’s safe to have a cat. I would just have someone else change the litter box.

I’m 16 weeks with my second and I have 3 cats. You’re perfectly safe. Just be careful with the kitty litter

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Yes had/have my cat for 6 years now her and my little one are doing great together cat comes around when she to other than that stays upstairs

Safe to have a cat but don’t change the litter box

It’s fine. Just have someone else clean the litterbox. :slight_smile:

I had cats with all four of my pregnancies. it’s safe to have them however do not change the litter box have someone else change it.

Truth is I’m 8 months pregnant and my cat is my big baby, when his litter box needs scooped I just dump it in the trash and pour new litter and take the trash out😂
No one else in my house likes the cat so I’m on my own with his care, but it works :rofl::rofl:

Yes!! Don’t get rid of your cat

I had 3 kids and cats and changed the litter with gloves they were fine

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Yes keep your kitty. I changed the litterboxes while pregnant and I was fine. 3 cats. But I can recommend wearing your facemask and some gloves while doing it.

Yes it’s safe. If there is someone available to clean the litter box then i prob wouldn’t do it. Or you can buy one of these. Best thing I ever bought! I have 2 cats that use it. I buy the disposable trays and change them every 2 weeks. It’s not super cheap but welllllll worth it!