Is it okay to have more than 1 baby shower?

Did you have multiple baby showers? I am pregnant with my second and was told it is tacky to have multiple. My child is 3, and I am 6 months with a girl. Is it weird to throw another and throw it myself?


No every baby needs a shower…


I didn’t have a second, but to each their own.

I’m doing another shower

Its not weird at all. Everyone I know has had multiple. Sometimes for a second child of the same gender I’ve seen Diaper Parties where people bring you diapers, wipes, formula. etc instead of clothes, toys, and things like that.

I dont think its weird. Especially if you don’t have any baby stuff left from the last one.

I have three kids and had 3 showers. Who cares what others think.

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Yeah, a little. I think if they were done by different people and with different social circles you could get away with it. But I definitely wouldn’t throw one for myself.


If you’re throwing your own baby shower, go for it and have fun!
No reason not to celebrate a new life :blush:

I had one for both my kids!

We had a gender reveal with our son… 5 years on and we are doing another, but more so because we are able to have family and friends together

Had two kids and so has others and we’ve had baby showers for them , I’m about to have my third don’t thaink il have one this time

no not weird you are celebrating your child with a party

If it’s a different gender, go for it.
But if you’re going on like kid 4 and you’re like my sister who needed a shower for every single one… then yeah its a bit much.
I say the first two sure if they’re different genders.
Or even if you have a different gender for your whatever number and you have all the same genders. .just keep it small and simple.


Maybe just a sprinkle. People could bring little things, diapers, wipes…etc.

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Back in my day we had 1 babyshower for the first born only. Times are changing … Have as many showers as you want hun. Congratulations

Nope I had one for every child :woman_shrugging: but my first and second were 6years apart and opposite sex :woman_shrugging: my 2nt and 3rd 3years apart same sex but got rid of everything :woman_shrugging: 3rd and 4th 2 1/2 years apart opposite sex but we had a diaper shower as we didn’t find out boy or girl until birth as it was my husbands first bio child

People are so judgy, I’m sorry for the comments you received. Throw you a baby shower girly!

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Personally, I think it’s tacky. BUT it’s 2021 so whatever you want that makes you happy. I say go for it, just don’t be upset if some people don’t show


Iv never had a baby shower and on baby 4 rn but i would have one for every baby cause why not celebrate bringing life into the world! :slight_smile:

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