Is it okay to have second baby shower?

Is it appropriate to have a second baby shower if the gender is different from the first? It wouldn’t be for big things just diapers and clothes and what not. I’m from Kansas and not sure if it would be frowned upon or not. Thanks!


I didn’t know people DIDNT have baby showers :joy: I have a huge family and every time someone has a baby (no matter which number or gender it is) there is a baby shower


I had a baby shower with all 3 of my kids

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I think now a days it’s fine. I threw one for my friend and her older relatives were like wtf but everyone else was completely supportive.

Celebrate that baby, I dont care if its your 5th one. All babies deserve to be celebrated especially in the world we are living in.


Absolutely! you can do whatever you please

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Celebrate that baby just like you did the first :heart:


Each bby gets a bby shower

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After your first kid people generally will have a “sprinkle” for the smaller stuff. Same thing


Your baby !! You decide ! Especially if it’s a new gender lol :slightly_smiling_face: celebrate your little babe! And yourself too!!

You betcha. Every baby is celebrated now. :heartpulse:

If your worried on how people will view another baby shower , throw a diaper sprinkle.

Had one for both my boys…didn’t need any big stuff for the second as we still had everything, but we got more clothes and diapers and wipes! It’s really up to you!

That’s a sprinkle shower and very acceptable and popular.

Every baby needs to be celebrated! The end !

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Of course! Every baby deserves to be celebrated. I don’t think genders matter. All babies need diapers and wipes!!


To me a baby shower is just welcoming the baby into the world!
I had one with all 4 kids! We did ours AFTER baby was born and said it was a meet n greet, come meet this little baby! Gifts got smaller with each one. To me its just like a birthday, do you only have one or do you have one each year?

I am, but there is also 8 years in between them.:joy:

I didn’t get one first time due to premature labour. I said at time had frozen embryo worked I would have had one but guess got a issue

Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Our family celebrates every baby even of its your 10th.