Is it okay to sleep with another man while you are pregnant?

Twenty weeks pregnant and constantly in the mood to have sex. But the father and I aren’t together and don’t talk. I’ve wanted to have relations with someone else, but my best friend thinks it’s nasty to be with another guy while I’m carrying someone else’s child. Your opinion?


Do as you wish. Just be safe


Do whatever you want. It’s not up to anyone else to tell you what to do! Just be safe!

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If you’re not with the kids dad and you want to move on and be with another man then you do just that… Just be safe…

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i did with my oldest left her dad got with my second husband

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I personally wouldn’t be having kids with a man I wasn’t with and then having random hookups while pregnant but the only thing that matters is how you feel about it not how a bunch of strangers on Facebook feel about it :woman_shrugging:


I met my husband when i was 5 months pregnant and we slept together i wasnt with the dad. We are still together 8 years later. So go for it. As long as hes clean and no stds.


Well you cant get pregnant twice!!!


Seriously though as long as you’re safe and no ones getting hurt, it’s totally up to you xxxx


No it’s not do what you want …
Child is in the womb . Well tucked in …

Ride away us woman have sexually needs as well .
Fuck your friend she prob got dick beside her every night …

Girl do what you want.
NONE OF THESE OPINIONS MATTERS. Because at the end of the day, you gonna do what you want. Asking only puts you in a position to be judged.


If you ain’t with the babys father go for it.


:woman_shrugging:t3: you have needs too!! Just be safe :v:t2::raised_hands:t2:


In the same position split up at 25 weeks pregnant I’m now 36 weeks but never thought of even touching another man while pregnant with another’s baby :mask:


Your baby in utero doesnt know. Make sure on condoms as that outcome can affect birth.


Your body, your child, your choice!!


No ones business but yours. Alot of people in here have “perfect” relationships and believe you should too but it’s your life as long as you are safe there is no reason why not and why you can’t find a new man. Fuck the ney sayers

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Do what you want just be safe. Also just so you know make sure he uses a condom clean or not, pregnant or not. Because I went into pre term labor with my youngest daughter because of it. Thankfully they were able to stop it.


Just be very very careful during pregnancy with sex. An STI or related can be serious or dangerous for baby. I know I’ve craved sex A LOT in pregnancy (my husband is very accommodating :joy::sweat_smile:) so it’s a real thing if you are needing it, go for it. Just be sure to use condoms and be careful. For example, genital herpes is not stopped by a condom because it’s skin shedding so it can be anywhere in that area and get on you. If you have an outbreak during delivery, they have to go to a c section because it can be life threatening for a baby. So just weigh the risks, know your partner, use protection and have safe fun. It’s not just you that you’re protecting, it’s your baby :grin: No judgements at all comibg from me and there shouldn’t be any comibg from anyone else either! You do you, as long as you’re safe, screw everyone else.


Do what you want. Fuck everybody saying other wise. So ass backwards. If your not in a relationship why not.