Is it okay to start birth control mid cycle?

Has anyone ever started a birth control pill mid-cycle instead of waiting until your next cycle to start? Did you notice more side effects doing it that way? Is there a reason to wait? Also, what pill are you on? I have been off for a few years, but I normally take Junel FE, but this time, my dr gave my APRI for whatever reason. Anything bad about APRI that anyone noticed? Anything bad about Junel? Thanks!


It will just shorten your period

Yes, but ensure to go 7 days without unprotected sex when commencing the birth control and expect a change in your cycle date.

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Start birth control any time with abstinence :rofl::sweat_smile::joy: that said, sorry! Call your pharmacy or nurse & ask!

I couldn’t take Junel but it works well for my kid …

I always started the 1st Sunday after my cycle. It’s been years since I’ve been on a cycle let alone birth control. Talk to your doctor.

I would’ve asked to be kept on the same contraceptive pill if you & your body were fine on it. My doc tried changing mine years ago because it was apparently slightly cheaper. I said thanks but I’ll stick with what I’m use to.

Apri gave me insane migraines and tons of random spotting and junel gave me crazy mood swings

My kid recently started taking bc for period regulation. She was told to start taking it the first Sunday after her period starts. Im not sure of the type. Its a low dose.

You need to have your doctor explain to you the how’s and why’s of taking it as prescribed, and NOT starting it in the middle of your cycle

I’ve started the pill in every phase of my cycle. It’s ok to start it whenever, but be cautious because it’s possible to have already ovulated prior to the pill becoming active meaning you could still face a chance of getting pregnant that cycle.

Pills react to everyone differently.

If you know your cycle and you should be on week 2 Thursday for example, take that pill. But do use a condom till you have taking a full month of the pill!!

I’m a 17 yr veteran nurse. You CAN start mid-cycle but your periods may be off for the next 2-3 months. Lighter than usual and off on timing. Other than this no harm.


I started mine on a Thursday the day after I had my mirena out in hopes it would prevent the mirena crash, but sadly it didn’t. Either way, I didn’t have a regular period so starting midweek for me at the start of the pack didn’t have a negative or positive impact for me. I’m on sprintec

You can. It just may mess with your typical cycle the first couple months

I was on Junel FE dont remember the dose but ended up woth twins 🤷 I wasnt aware that any birth control needed start at a certian time unless it was the IUD or vaginal ring
Edit: no experience with the other pills not risking that again

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No can’t take in middle of pack. U take the Sunday after ur period starts.


Ok so you do not HAVE to have a period but I wouldn’t do it mid cycle. I’d wait till the Sunday at the beginning of the placebo pills to start the new ones. You may get spotting though.

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I’m on June FE as well and it works great with me. It’s a generic to Loestrin. No issues.

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I took the active pills nonstop