Is it okay to start birth control mid cycle?

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Are sure you use another form of contraception for at least 2 periods.

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Wait at least 2 cycles for the hormones to be in your system properly- no matter when you start the birth control

I’ve been on Junel for the last 3 yrs. & it’s been great. & they always recommend to start it the first Sunday after your period starts.

I have never started the pill mid cycle, except for I once started a new brand wherever I was at in my cycle because the old one wasn’t agreeing with me. Bad cramps, etc. HOLY HEADACHE. I had the worst headache ever for about 3 days afterwards!

With the patch - maybe lol The doctor said I could wait until it’s over or do it on Sunday and Sunday just happened to be mid cycle and was just easier to remember

If you’re referring to APRI 28 day pill I was on that for a year and NEVER AGAIN! It was the absolute worst birth control I have ever been on. It gave me the worst mood swings I’ve ever experienced and I thought I was depressed, to the point I began therapy. Once I switched birth controls it was literally like an entire cloud lifted. Google reviews for the pill and you’ll see a million just like mine!

I started off cycle and my first 3 months were 2-3 week periods as it lined up. Pain in the ass really.