Is it possible for tubes to grow back?

Hi, I’d like to post something anonymously, please. Please don’t judge me; I’m aware I’m not the brightest crayon in the box. When I was pregnant with our third child, my husband and I decided that we were done and she’d be our last. My OB asked me about permanent sterilization since I’d be having my third c section. I was concerned about the tiny possibility of having an ectopic pregnancy after tubal ligation. My husband reluctantly agreed to a vasectomy because of my fears. I told my OB, and she suggested bilateral salpingectomy instead. She said there was no chance of pregnancy that way, that my body would absorb the egg. I believed her and agreed to it without running to google. Here I am a few months later, not only regretting the sterilization in the first place but also regretting the method. I’ve read stories of women who beat the very low odds and became pregnant after having their tubes removed, and the baby had implanted in the uterus. I’ve also read stories of women who end up with ectopic pregnancies. One of the biggest reasons I wanted the tubes removed is because I couldn’t handle an ectopic pregnancy. I’m very pro-life, and the thought of what to me would be losing a baby is devastating to me. I want to know if anyone has experienced a similar situation and if there’s a way to help guarantee any kind of implantation won’t happen? Will a doctor prescribe birth control for me, knowing that I’ve had the salpingectomy done? Again, don’t judge me; is it possible for the tubes to grow back? Thank you, and please be kind.


Yes! I’ve heard this more than I’d like to. I think 7-10 years it is a risk? Low but still there

If you’re that concerned just look into the Nexplanon birth control implant after getting your tubes tied. I had it for 9 years with minimal issues.

Your husband could still get a vasectomy. Then your odds are even better for avoiding a pregnancy. My husband has one and I have the Mirena. Double up! Lol


Mine grew back after almost 2 years. Found out because I apparently was pregnant but miscarrying. Got em done again…

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I had my tubes tied and I have a iud. My doctor decided to place the iud because I had very heavy periods and a lot of pain no matter what time of the month. It has worked wonders. So I would talk with your doctor to see what options are best for you.

It’s possible I have a tubal myself and was always told a rare chance it could happen especially being ectopic

If the surgery was completed correctly, then no, there is not a reasonable chance. I had this done last November after my third child. It lowers your risk if cancer also by having your tubes removed


So what you had done is complete removal of tubes. You can’t have an etopic because that is when the fertilized egg implants in a tube…which you don’t have. I have never heard of them growing back. I have heard of tubal ligations growing back but thats different. You had complete removal likelihood of natural pregnancy is basically nil.


I had my tubes done last July & the doctor told me it is possible for them to grow back. It is also possible for the eggs to find another way according to my surgeon

Yes. When I was a kid, we were visiting a friend of my Moms. She had a tubal ligation. The phone rang, the next thing I knew she was screaming in to the phone about being pregnant. “Are you sure the rabbit didn’t just have a heart attack? Did you try resuscitating it?” I was 8, and it was hysterically funny.

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There are possible pregnancy’s and tubal reattachment. Happened to me and I blanched when I realized I could have had an unwanted pregnancy. My gyno that found it said he tied the tubes back so they couldn’t reattach.

Talk to your doctor about your concerns

I’ve had mine tied for almost 30 years, with absolutely no problems

I went in to have my tubes tied and a iud placed for control of the periods since I was a heavy bleeder and cramped bad. While in I started bleeding unusually so they removed my tubes but still placed the iud I haven’t had any issues

If you have no tubes i wouldnt be worry i found out last yr my tubes are open but i have no.fimbrias they was removed i hope it dont happen to me

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I’m going on 3 years and no issues. When I found out there was a possibility I started freaking out a little. But my ob said it’s a very slim chance of ever happening

I had mine done over 30 years ago…never had any problems

I had my tubal cut, burnt and tied over 45 years ago. Never had a problem with pregnancy. But my period’s Got so bad. And real moody.

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I had mine cut and burned 14 years ago. My dr did put me on birth control bc I sometimes have 2 periods a month.

You had your fallopian tubes removed, so you won’t get an ectopic pregnancy because that happens when the egg implants in the Fallopian tube, which you do not have. And no, they don’t grow back when completely removed. The cases of that happening are when the tube is cut and tied or burned. Then the tube still exists and can technically heal over time and reattach. Complete removal of the Fallopian tubes is the most effective form of birth control other than abstinence.