Is it possible for tubes to grow back?

I had an eptopic pregency and as a result lost one of my tubes. That missing tube will never grow back. So if u have had them removed then they won’t grow back they r gone.

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There is a .0001% chance of any pregnancy after removing the tubes

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Chances of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation = 1 in 200. Chance of getting pregnant after tubal removal = 1? Literally there appears to only be 1 woman on record (Elizabeth Kough) who got pregnant after a full removal. You really need to be talking to your GYN and then see a GP and a therapist about your anxiety and paranoia. It’s not healthy.


Double up. I had my tubes removed and I still had fears of getting pregnant again. I sincerely didn’t want another kid (we have 2 boys). My husband got a vasectomy and put all my fears at ease. He still gets his swimmers checked every 3 yrs.

No they cannot grow back. But tubals, weather they are burned or tied or whatever, are not always 100%.

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As far as I know, yes you can be put on birth control after the procedure. A lot of women do because it helps some problem they have (acne, horrible periods, etc). I’m thinking of getting back on depo after my tubal just so I don’t have to deal with periods anymore lol

The amount of you who don’t understand the difference between having your tubes tied/burnt and having your tubes REMOVED is startling. :expressionless:


My doc said (and I quote): I have to tell you there’s a chance. But by the time I’m done with you, you’ll have a better chance getting bit by a shark without stepping foot in the ocean"


I had my tubes removed no they cannot grow back but you can also take hormone birth control if you’d like. My doctor told me I could if i wanted to help with period pain.

Yes it is possible. Its rare but it is possible.

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I had mine removed 14 years ago… I actually asked about the possibility of them growing back a year or so ago, because I had heard horror stories of it happening. My obgyn told me I have a higher chance of getting hit by a meteorite than my tubes regrowing and getting pregnant.

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Removal is almost 100% I had one child, then removed 3 months after I had him, I was 25, It’s been 3 yrs were still very active I’ve not experienced it. I went through a lot in my first/only pregnancy and I couldn’t put my heart into another pregnancy.


Tell your husband to get a vasectomy.

Not a removal then but I did get cut and burned at 23. Checked for pregnancy a few times because of stories of women getting pregnant after and nothing until emergency, total hysterectomy at 47. Best decision I have ever made.

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If you had this procedure and your husband got a vasectomy, you are not going to get pregnant.


Girl you shouldn’t have to beg for people to be kind here, this just makes me sad. This is a no judgement zone, well at least it should be. I don’t know the answer to your question nor have any experience with this to throw in the mix, but I hope you feel better with the mommas that have responded and feel comfortable with your conversation. Hugs!!


If you have your tubes REMOVED not burnt the only way you can get pregnant is with IVF. So you will not get pregnant, your husband doesn’t need to get snipped and there is no reasoning for birth control in that regard.

Yes you still can i hand couple family and friends that got pregnant after had this done so yes there is a chance you could get pregnant

I lost both tubes to ectopic ruptures and have not been able to fall pregnant naturally since. My daughter is from ivf.
The chances are extremely low, i know of a lady in my ivf group who did fall naturally after loosing her tubes but that didn’t work out unfortunetly.

My sister had hers cut tied and burnt… 11 years later and she still hasn’t gotten pregnant , i had mine tied in 2019 and still no pregnancy… And we are FERTILE MYRTLES ya hear?