Is it possible I am having another miscarriage?

I just found out I’m pregnant after having a miscarriage at four weeks about five weeks ago. I’m guessing I’m about three almost four weeks pregnant. I’m having slight cramps on the right lower abdomen. Of course, it makes me so nervous considering the last time. I’m trying to stay calm, but is it normal? As long as no bleeding?

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Cramping is not unusual early into pregnancy. I wouldn’t be concerned unless it’s making you double over in pain or if there is major bleeding. Some people do spot in the first few weeks of pregnancy too.

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pretty normal as long as there is no bleeding

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Call. Your. Doctor. :woman_facepalming:


Cramping can be the egg attaching.

Your 16 days pregnant calm down :woman_facepalming:t2: or go to your doctor.

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Hi just a suggestion take ur mind off the other miscarriage … It’s all in the mind stay positive relax , stay away from stress , stay off ur feet as much as possible … Put ur feet up as often as possible … Hope all goes well … I had 3 miscarriages in between my kids had two kids

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It could be left over HCG from your miscarriage that gave you a positive. If you’re that concerned go to the doctor to get an exact answer


You all are very negative, for goodness sakes. She asked for advice not oh well you might be really be pregnant


I experienced cramping. I didn’t know I wAs pregnant yet, and I also had spotting (implantation bleeding) so with those two things combined, I thought I was having a light period. Turned out I was pregnant! I did go on to have bleeding my entire first trimester, and even some in the second (I had a subchorionic hemorrhage). But my son turned out perfectly healthy!

I cramped and bled for 11 days while this little girl was implanting. Totally thought I miscarried. Were now 6 months along with this pregnancy. Good luck.

Completely normal. That cramping was actually my first sign I was pregnant last pregnancy. Don’t stress yourself out, mama.


I had a miscarriage in February of this year and am 14 weeks with my rainbow baby! I had cramping with this one and went to the hospital as I was concerned with how it ended also. They will tell you your HCG level but told me it is normal as long as your not bleeding with it!

Totally normal!! Don’t stress.

Yes it’s normal. Relax mama & y’all stop bring rude to her!

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I have never had a miscarriage, but when I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks I had cramping assuming it was implantation and everything was good. Try to stay positive!

Cramping is definitely normal

I remember (it’s been over 16 years) being told you can have some cramping in the beginning from implantation. Sending good vibes for all to be well for you!

With my first pregnancy (before I knew) I was having such bad cramps and back pain I went to the doctor because I thought I had a severe kidney infection but turned out I was pregnant (was only about 4-5 weeks). Don’t want to say it’s normal because they sent me for an ultrasound right away to make sure it wasn’t a tubal pregnancy but in my situation all was fine and I had a healthy pregnancy.

I had all that plus bleeding on and off for 2 weeks and i am 9 weeks today