Is it possible I had a false positive?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little while now. Well, last night, I had this gut feeling to go take a test. I grabbed my last clear blue digital and waited for the results. When I looked at the screen, I was in absolute shock because it said positive! However, like many women, I don’t like just sitting down and saying I’m pregnant until a few tests confirm it. So my husband went to the store and got a first response (which upon researching it seems that the internet has dubbed first response the best brand on a pregnancy test) well the line test was negative, so I took the digital and it was negative as well. I plan on going to the doctor because false positives are very rare. It’s clear as well I took a Clearblue digital at around 5 pm after holding in my pee for 4 hours, and I took the first response tests with my morning pee the next morning. I guess my question is, has anyone had this happen before? Am I pregnant, or was I never pregnant? P.S. I’m not on any medication, so that couldn’t cause a false positive.


It’s hard to get a false positive unless you have other underlying issues. More likely it’s a positive.:heart:

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I’ve had a false positive and a false negative. Going to the Dr is the best option. Good luck hope it’s positive :heart:

First response rapid response and first response early response are two different test so I’m curious on which one you took. I don’t know anyone with a false positive.

You are probably pregnant. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: for ya!

The cheap tests do the same as the expensive tests. The pee test they do at dr offices is the dollar tests like Walmart has. More than likely it is positive and you’re levels aren’t quite high enough for the other tests to read


I’ve never heard of false positives? I’m not saying I’m wrong. I’d definitely make a doctor’s appointment!

Each test use a different increase in estrogen. Have you missed a period. If not it could be false

I’ve had a false positive with clear blue

Wait a day or 2 then take the test again…


It might be best to go to the doctor and get tested there

Get a blood test done by a doctor. I never dealt with those pee tests

This happened to me. Took one test was positive, took two more and was negative, doctors test was negative. Blood test confirmed I was pregnant with my daughter. Was just very early stages.

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Yes I have. They said they couldn’t explain it.

I had this happen to me on mothers day this year…took a first response digital test that was positive then had 2 more positive tests the next day then all of a sudden I started bleeding 3 days after my positive tests…went to the er and they said my pregnancy test was negative and refused to do a blood test to confirm. No dr office in my area would do a blood test to confirm bcuz of covid 19…sucks that I never actually found whether or not it was just my period or if I had a miscarriage or not

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My dr told me you could not get a false positive but you can get a false negative. I was surprised when the didnt do a pregnancy test when I was pregnant with my second one as I did one at home.

When that happened to me, I had a miscarriage. The negative tests were bc my levels were going down due to the miscarriage

I had a false positive pee test from the doctors office once so it is possible

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Wait 2 days n take it with the first pee in the morning.

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This past year we had mixed results like that right before I had a miscarriage. It was very early like 1-2 weeks along when I got the positive and then negative.