Is it possible my blood test was contaminated?

Hi, ladies, I have a question I took two pregnancy tests, and they came back positive, so I made an appointment with my doctor I went a few weeks ago, but I have two questions 1.) when my doctor order me a blood test the nurse that did my blood used an IV tube to transfer my blood test into the blood test tube thing could that contaminate my blood test as making it negative? 2.) my doctor scheduled a transvaginal ultrasound for next Monday I heard if your early in your pregnancy that you have to keep your bladder full while they do the exam so they can see the uterus better did you ladies have to hold your bladder while doing a transvaginal ultrasound in early pregnancy?

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Ur only supposed to have a full bladder for the regular ultrasound. Transvaginally has to be complelty empty.
It is possible you had a chemical pregnancy. And using an ivy tube that’s not how it should be done.

Not too sure about the blood test part but your bladder needs to be emptied for the transvaginal ultrasound.

No no full bladder…

I’ve never heard of someone using an IV tube to get blood for a pregnancy test but idk if that could effect it at all. Also yes full bladder is usually one of the directions with an ultrasound.

Yes I had to hold my urine for my first ultrasound

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They made me do mine with a full bladder

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Yup also made me drink water so they knew it was full.

I had to empty my bladder had a vaginal ultrasound at 4 weeks was able to see the sac only until weeks later saw the baby and heard the heart beat

The thing which u say is an IV tube, might have been a butterfly needle attached to a vacuum extractor. And it’s very common to use this thing especially if they need to fill more than 1 tube.


I have to hold my urine til after ultrasound

A normal ultrasound…the one on your stomach requires a full bladder. A transvaginal ultrasound where they use a probe inside your vagina requires an empty bladder. No, using a syringe to pull the blood and then add to the tube would not affect your results.

You have to be empty. But they will tell you to go before they have you get the ultrasound. I was told I wasn’t pregnant with all 3 kids. But low and behold I was I just knew before my blood or anything started to show. My hcg levels were regular and the transvaginal didn’t show anything.

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I just had one and I’m 5 weeks and I had to empty mine

What would contaminate it to remove ALL hormones indicating pregnancy?

Talk to your doctor. Seriously.


Full bladder helps confirm pregnancy when early on and is usually always needed unless your 12 +weeks. I have had blood tests taken that way several times but never for a pregnancy test, never screwed with my results. If in doubt request another blood test after a couple days

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I had to have full bladder for transvaginal so I really think it depends on your dr…ask them.

If this is what they used… this is for blood draws. It’s easier to use these because they stay in place better due to the design for extracting blood. It is not an i.v needle.


They can draw blood off an IV before the start whatever drip your on. It’s not protocol but has been done in the hospital settings


I was instructed to empty my bladder first and contamination isn’t likely. Tubing is new for every patient.