Is it possible my ex gains custody?

My question is, I was wondering how hard it is to get full custody of my daughter if the father has a felony child abuse charge against him, but cps gave him parental right back. We are not together, and he and our daughter never formed a close relationship she is seven, and he has maybe been in her life two years.


It all depends on what laws your state has and if CPS gave him back his parental rights then the judge will take that into consideration when you go to court. I live in Pennsylvania and the judge gave me sole physical custody of my daughters but my ex-husband got partial custody due to visitations. Good luck. The only true way to know is to talk to a lawyer

Get a lawyer firstly and gather all the evidence you can. The court may give him visitation rights but I doubt they’ll give him full custody.

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Only a judge and atty can answer this question. Stop asking Facebook when every situation is different.

He should have supervised visits only for life!

Talk to an attorney. Most of them will talk to you and give you a free consult. And they can help you get in contact with another attorney that can help you and if you need help to pay there is also legal aide that can help

You can request supervised visitation possibly with a relative.

Talk to an attorney because as soon as you think you’re right you’ll end up being wrong.

Talk to an attorney ASAP!

try to get custody and forget him

This is a question for an actual attorney.

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Why bring up court already gave him coustody

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For you to get full custody will be a piece of cake

As long as you aren’t a crackhead im sure his chances of taking full custody away from you are pretty slim but I would contact an attorney just for your peace of mind

Every state is different, but once custody has been established, it is nearly impossible to change. He’s have to prove you were seriously neglecting her or worse.

Visitation is much different. The courts rarely keep a parent away and will allow some sort of contact. Try for supervised! We did it for 2 yrs. my son is now 7 and his visits are technically still supervised (by ex’s parents).

Sounds like he hasn’t been around and depending on your county and judge they’ll either take that into consideration or they won’t. I know that’s not the answer you are looking for but that is the way the cookie crumbles. Very best of luck to this mommy and child.

Nothing is absolute but one thing I learned dealing with the court system and all that, is the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you feel he shouldn’t have any contact, fight for that. Don’t take no for an answer. Request a psych eval, get letters from therapists stating that contact would be traumatic etc. If one person shoots you down, you call someone else. If your actions reflect that you have genuine concern for her safety and well being, the judge is more likely to take that seriously. Also if he’s had any sort of trouble since the dcfs case was closed, bring that up. For example, if he took anger management classes to get rights restored but has had any issues you can prove, like a bar fight, that should be enough for the court to order more services. I’d put as many hoops in front of him as possible and hope he gets tired or jumping through them.


The courts will take all this information and do what’s best for for her. Which I am certain would give you full custody.

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Felony child abuse? Uggg is it supervised visits?

You women always belittle the man smdh

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