Is it possible that my 4-month-old is going through sleep regression?

My four-month-old son has done a complete 360 at night time with his sleep. Since he was about two months old, he has gone to bed at 7 pm and almost always didn’t wake up until 2-3 am for a feeding. For the past two weeks now, he is waking up at 11 or sometimes ten after going to bed at 7 pm still and waking up almost every 2 hours until he’s just up for the day. We believe he’s starting to teeth, so gave Tylenol first time last night and didn’t seem to do anything at all. Is this the four-month sleep regression I’ve heard of, teeth bothering him, or is he just being contrary and not sleeping right now.


Ugh! My daughter did the same thing at 4 months. No one tells you about the sleep regression.

Its normal to change his sleeps schedule, it will be better when he get older

My oldest would have a sleep regression right before he learned something new (sitting up, rolling, crawling, walking) and wouls settle back to his normal pattern pretty quickly. Just try to stick with your normal routine

It could be any of the above. He’s still very young and needs to wake to eat.

Sounds like he’s hungry. I’d start giving him so baby cereal or maybe some mild baby food before bed.

Besides a “snack” before bed keep him up a little longer.

Keep him up a bit longer and maybe put rice in the bed time bottle

Definitely try keeping him up for longer periods of time, and yes, it sounds like he might be getting hungry more often. I would consult your pediatrician and ask for advice.

My son did this just as I went back to work. I started giving him a little rice cereal at night. He was hungry!! Went right back to sleeping through the night. So after a while I started cereal late mornings as well. I don’t believe all the allergy warnings etc… moms have been giving babies food forever and we had less allergies then. I was careful and stuck with rice for a bit then switched to oatmeal.

Probably a sleep regression all babies are different my baby is 7 months old and has been sleeping through the night sense about 3 months old as long as their weight continues to go up they are fine to sleep through tbe night but if he is waking up at night he is probably hungry. Maybe try to feed him less more often during the day and give him a bigger bottle before bed. Good luck hopefully he starts sleeping again soon.

Growing babies can’t be expected to maintain a definitive schedule until they’re older than your precious son. I must have been luckier than most because teething wasn’t ever a problem that required medication. Sounds like he needs a bottle when he wakes up. We surely do miss having a baby in the house.<3


By 4 months my breastfed babies were eating a bowl of cereal mixed with veggie or fruit baby food. They slept 6-7 hours straight. With growth spurt they will go from sleeping well to waking frequently to eat. It’s an indicator on when to start baby cereal/foods.

I had the same issue with my son . My pediatrician told me to give him rice cereal in a bowl with formula in it. He told me not to put in bottle and it worked I did it right. Before bedtime and he slept thru the night.


Totally agree … it’s time for cereal. he needs more to keep him full

Growth spurts is a big possibility also, leg cramps/restless legs go along with growth spurts. Id give him more milk before bed instead of food, starting food before 6months really isn’t good for their belly because they can’t digest it correctly (from multiple pediatricians and a specialist that my kids have gone to). If hes breastfed that could be the problem, breast milk is much thinner so they want to eat more- especially at night. If you think hes teething get an infant toothbrush (or even the silicone one that goes on your finger) and rub his gums before bed, that will help with some of the pressure/pain.

He’s hungry and/or going through a growth spurt. Time to mix some cereal in his bedtime formula/breast milk❤️

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My baby had to basically eat sludge in order to sleep thru the night at that age. She was a big eater and formula didn’t cut it so I had to add enough cereal to make a weak sludge for her to be full.

Put a teaspoon of baby rice in his night bottle. My son was a big baby and settled right down when I gave him a little cereal in his night time bottle.


He’s could be hungry, especially if he’s not eating solid food.