Is it possible to be friends with your childs father?

My son’s dad and I are breaking up, and I need some positive stories as it’s already gone sour once… Long story short, the courts had to get involved. We sorted things amicably between ourselves, but that was a road we went down. I think I need some positive stories about your child’s father; it can be done, right?


It so can be done. I keep my ex at arms length. But we are friends. It’s just better for my sake his sake and mainly our kiddos.

It can definitely be done. My daughter and my grandson’s father have become great friends after their breakup. Took a little while though. Needless to say it’s better for the kid that the mom & dad get along. Co parenting works so much better that way.
Hope this helps.

Of course…it jus takes time :slight_smile:


It can be done, as long as both parents are on board with harboring a positive relationship. My ex husband (we share a 13 yr old) and I arent buddy buddy by any means, but we are friendly and flexible with each other. If I needed help I’d feel comfortable calling him, and its vice versa. I’m remarried. Hes been remarried and divorced since we split. New relationships havent affected our coparenting negatively in any way.

Yes! Me and my twins father fought so bad when i.kicked him out, courts for 4 years, etc. I HATED him! Then after a year he found a new victim
, I mean girlfriend, and things got better. We are now friends!

My ex-husband and I went through a time when we really didn’t like each other, but were never negative about one another in front of our daughter. My parents really liked him and stayed friends with him. Over time we got better and now we can attend family functions together and give each other crap just like before. But it did take time and a lot of healing on both our parts.

Yes! It just takes time, work, and communication. You got this :muscle:

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Yes it is. When I left my ex my heart was filled with hatred and anger and I believe his was too. It took alot of work on both sides to see that it’s in the best interest of our daughter to get along. Great grandmas advice was a wake up call for us both. She said the greatest gift you can give your child is to love the child’s other parent no matter how much you hate your ex. They are NOT the same person. That allowed some perspective towards each other, as people and as parents. Figuring out boundaries was real work. And still can be years later. After a few awkward birthdays and holidays spent together (but broken up) we have overcome the obstacles of new spouses and adding more children to the blended mix. And honestly have become really appreciative of each other. Even friends. I recomend an open heart, HONEST communication and willingness to compromise. Sounds like a given. But really think about if it’s worth the fight before fighting. Good luck :heart:

Yup, gotta stay diplomatic and set an example for the kids. If you harbor bad feelings for the other parent keep them to yourself. Dr. Phil always counsels that you shouldn’t bring children into adult problems because they don’t need those issues on their back. It only causes them stress and anxiety, if you have feelings and issues that need to be addressed seek counseling.

What a stupid question. If you’re both adults yes. If one of you is acting like a child…no. Yes, it’s really that simple.


Time heals all wounds

Absolutely can be done. It takes some time… just be patient

My sons father & I have been broken up for close to 2 years now. My sons 3.
It’s taken us a while to finally figure out how to be friends but we finally did it. We respect each other’s wishes with our son, (within reason obviously) and we have to keep reminding each other - it’s not about us - it’s about our son.

Depends on whether both parties are mature enough to put their childs best interests first
My ex and are are like brother and sister, we get on just great. You have to be able to draw a line and work together no matter how nasty things might have got

I know a few people who are friends or at least civil with their ex. In my case it’s not that way. The thing is both parents have to want that for their child. Be willing to put anger and hurt away to get along for their kids. My ex hasn’t been able to do that and fights me over every little thing and talks shit about me to my son. However my cousin and her ex throw parties together and have holidays together. It really just depends

I have a friend who is best friends with her ex’s wife. Her fiance is good friends with her ex. They take vacations together. They genuinely make it a blended family. I admire her. My story isn’t as evolved. I’m not friends with my ex. I don’t hate him, but couldn’t give a shit about him, in any way that is outside of his involvement with our kids. I’ve been around his new wife a couple of times, seems nice enough, and seems to like my kids. That is my only concern as far as she goes.
We don’t need to be friends to do the right thing for our kids.

Yep! Me and my children’s dad are very amicable, you really do just have to put aside any anger or hate you may have for the sake of your children and yourself x

Yes definitely my ex husband and I have been separated 28 years we have a daughter who 30 we’re friends I went to his wedding and did his new wife’s hair on their big day

Me and my ex are really good friends :slight_smile:at first it was awful but we both wanted what was best for our 2 children so we put the past behind us and got on with things​:grin: