Is it possible to be pregnant 20 years after your tubes being tied?

Hello, my period is late, but my tubes were tied 20 years ago. Is it possible to be pregnant? I did get pregnant three times after tying my tubes, one miscarriage, and two ectopics. Then my husband had a vasectomy.


Heard you can still get pregnant you better get checked of you can lose your baby

My mom had her tubes tied for 27 years not once has she every gotten pregnant.

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A tubal ligation, combined with a vasectomy, makes the odds very low for you to be pregnant. I would agree with others that you might be in early menopause. See your doctor to be sure.


I have had my tubes cut and tied for 26 yrs no babies

1 in about 200 women get pregnant with their tubes tied
And 1 in 1000 with a vasectomy so it is possible

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I know someone who got pregnant with twins 20 years after they had them tied


My aunt got pregnant 16 years after tubes was tied.

I got pregnant with my youngest 3 years after getting my tubes tied he turns 4 in February got a hysterectomy last year because all 5 of my children were also birth control babies 1st was the pill and condom, 2nd was depo shot, my twins were nuva ring/condom babies and my last was a tubes tied baby so I wanted to make damn sure that this time around no more babies were going to pop out this hoooha

Normally, I’d say there’s a possibility, but after 20 years and your husband also having a vasectomy I would think you’re pre menopausal.

When you become pre menopausal, your periods may lessen or completely stop before menopause.


Go see your primary care physician. There could be many things causing your period to be late.

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You could be starting the change of life

Iv had mine done almost 13 years ago… Doc says it’s a 0.01% chance of falling pregnant

Can we ask how old you are? 20 yrs ago your tubes were tied… this could change how I answer… were u in your 20s? 30s? Im leaning towards your in menopause. Some women experience it even in their 40s.
If you are younger, I mean it could be possible… very very slim but possible.

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This is definitely a question for a doctor and not social media.

Well who you pregnant to then


A pregnancy test would answer that

Anything is possible, but menopause seeks up on you. I had several missed periods when I started perimenopause. But I was not pregnant. Just my body going through the motions of getting older. Over the past year, they’ve been more consistent, but I know that can change. But I would definitely call your doctor and get a test, wouldn’t hurt. And get some labs done to check your hormones.

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Yes it is I had mine done for 5 years. Then got pregnant

Yes it happen to me I was 45 so only and had then done when I was 29 .
It was called a fiscula not sure about spelling .
Its a hole were the sperm has managed to find and make it happen .
Do reg pregnancy tests i did one and it was negative. Went in for surgery and lost baby at around 12 weeks .
Fortunately I didnot know till I lost the baby .
Good luck :grin::heart: