Is it possible to feel pregnant this early?

I had sex twice yesterday(day before my tracker said was my ovulation day) my boyfriend never pulled out. I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach since. Cramped a little bit this morning, only a few minutes. Is it possible to get pregnant or to even start feeling pregnant this early on?


I have known for two of mine the day of! Like a rumbling and cramping in my insides… who knows but I believe you can tell!

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No, even if you ovulated yesterday the egg would not implant and start producing the pregnancy hormone to give you any symptoms until day 6-12 after ovulation


My mom said she knew the day after when she conceived my sister every women is different!


A friend of mine actually had cramping and pains the day after unprotected sex and later found it was pains from the egg being fertilised x

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I really don’t think so but…everyone is different and everyone knows their bodies differently

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Probably placebo symptoms because you’re thinking about it.


It’s probably from ovulation

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I mean , anything is possible . It does however sound like nerves are getting the best of you. Maybe thats where the nausea is coming from. Every woman is different. Just keep tracking your body changes ect.

No, I’m sorry but it’s all in your head. Your body can manifest symptoms easily. One of the great tricks of the mind


I wouldn’t think so you can however give yourself symptoms either way if you think you are pregnant

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I swear I knew the day I was pregnant with my daughter my whole body felt different x

I had an iui…so I knew the exact day…EXACT TIME…got pregnant. Only thing I physically noticed was I was more tired…but nothing else.

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I had a friend pick me up one day and she said to me “I got pregnant last night.”
I secretly thought this bish is crazy lol.
8 weeks later she announces to everyone she is 8 weeks pregnant. Lol
I still think it’s crazy, but if you are in tune with your body, perhaps.

Yep it is many years ago after we did the deed said to hubby well i am pregnant and then next day and for 7months of pregnancy was sick as

I had implantation bleeding maybe a week or two after sex. I think I’m not sure the exact time but that’s the only time I noticed. Even then I thought it was in my head until that little pink plus sign

You’re psyching yourself up


My friend knew within 24 hours she was pregnant. We all LOL and called her crazy. She was right!!
When I was pregnant I had no idea until 12+ weeks in. Negative tests, found out through ultrasound to diagnose my condition…
you never know… better to treat your body as if you are just in case


Ovulation. Implantation is next! Congrats girl lol

It could be cramping from ovulating. I cramped every time I ovulated.