Is it possible to feel the plastic from Mirena?

I have Mirena for BC. Is it possible to feel the plastic from the Mirena if my cervix is open?? Or would that still be considered out of place?? I’ve posted something similar in here about it once before and went to the dr n they said they didn’t see anything. I had them do an ultrasound n they said it looked to be in place, but I just went to check again, and I can feel the tip of it. I go for my pap on the 19th, and I’m gonna mention it to my dr but figured id ask here to see if anyone knew. I tried moving my appt up sooner n was not able to. I tried to get a grip on it to see if I could pull it out a bit but was not able to, but i know it was plastic, it was NOT my cervix itself.


Call first thing in the morning & tell them that you are in pain, that you may have an infection & that you need to be seen that day! If scheduling won’t squeeze you in tomorrow, say that you need to have an RN to call you tomorrow- the RN should be able to get you on the schedule!

I had this w two different types of iud and they both stuck out. Be careful pulling on it because it will come out and fairly easily.

Maybe ur feeling the cords or lines that hang out through your cervix. If they are too long you will feel them and may jab you and might need cut a little bit shorter so u don’t feel them. That happened to me years ago when i had Mirena and it was in place but the cords or lines that hang down through your cervix so if u ever get it removed the doctor can clamp down on them and pull out the mirena to change it or if u decide to not use that kind of birth control no more.

You should be able to feel the strings when you check placement every 6 months. You should not feel hard plastic.

You’re probably feeling the strings that stick out through the cervix.

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I can feel the strings on mine, there a semu hard plastic, that is normal

You should feel the strings, but nothing else. I’d just use backup bc until your appointment.

The strings are hard at first but do soften over time… maybe the string??

It’s the strings. They are 2 plastic like cords that hang down through the cervix to facilitate removal when the time comes. They are supposed to be there. Just leave them alone.

You should only be able to feel the wire, which is pretty stiff. If you’re feeling plastic its not in the correct position