Is it possible to get a false positive pregnancy test?

Is it possible to get a false-positive result on a pregnancy test?


False positives are pretty rare. You can have the indent line or the evaporation line, but a true positive is rare.

Yes. I had a false positive( tested at hospital) didn’t believe so took 3 home tests and all came back negative so can happen

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it possible to get a false positive pregnancy test?

No. False negatives are common but never false positives.


Nope. False negative sure, but not a false positive

I did at the Obgyn. Told me I tested positive. Tested it two more times and they came out negative. Finally had a blood test and I was definitely not pregnant

I’ve had a false positive before…

Yes! It’s rare but it DOES happen


Never had a false positive you have to have HCG to get a positive that only happens when their is a baby


I’ve got multiple false positives before on blue and red dye tests!

It’s rare but yes. Usually it’s caused by chemical pregnancy, in which case it’s not really a false positive but it gets mistaken for one, meds that contain hcg or evap lines.

Rarebut it happens. Could take additional test because its unlikely youll also get false positives on more but really the best way to know for sure is just to go to the doctor.

Ask your doctor. Or if you used a home test call the company maybe

Yes it’s possible, I’ve had to one. It was actually taken at my local health department.

Yes! I had 2 and was in shock when the doctor did blood test and everything. Definitely wasn’t pregnant.

Anything is possible

Its possible but rare

See your GYN… there are many underlining conditions that allows pregnancy test to come out positive.

A false positive is not possible. An evaporation line is what happens when you look at the test after the allotted time frame. It makes the test look positive from sitting too long. The dye evaporates and sits in the test line making it appear positive when it’s not. Take a test with first morning urine. Throw the test away after the allotted time frame usually five to ten minutes. Do not read after that throw it away.