Is it possible to get my daughters video chats with her dad recorded?

Is it possible to set something up so every time my daughter has her video chats with her father on FB video, it is recorded? Fyi, he has supervised visits for a reason, so this is not me being overbearing or bitter. Thanks.


If you have an iPhone you can screen record.


If you have an iPhone you can screen record.

You can YouTube how to set it up on your iPhone

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Depending on the type of phone you have, most come with a screen record feature.

Look online. For Windows they specifically have a recording app in there now because it allows gamers to record and share what they are playing, but it also works on any app. As stated above iPhone allows you to screen record and Android does too i believe.

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If you have an Android you can get a screen recording app but
If you
HAve iPhone u should have the option of screen recording on your widgets

If they are already surprised then why do you need to record it?

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Just be careful with your local laws. In some places it’s illegal to record someone without their consent. You might be making it worse on yourself in the long run!


You should talk to your lawyer first before you get any answers. It wouldnt hurt to try it first


Kinda intrusive…im sure their supervised for a reason but I’m guessing you aren’t the one deemed to supervise…i wouldn’t…you could also hurt your daughters feelings in the process…if your concerned tell someone but this kinda behavior is kinda a bit extra and could back fire on you later in court…


Check your states laws some states you can’t privately record someone with out consent

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Theres apps that allow you to record phone conversations, if your phone doesn’t already have the screen recording options.

Be aware of the laws in your state. It’s illegals in CA to record someone with out their permission or statement advising them they are being recorded.

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My daughter has supervised visits threw the court but because covid she cant have them. I cant do video chats because he isn’t civil. If u are worried I would stop the visits and go back to court.

Androids also have screen recording option.

Supervised visits not video chats. Unless their convos are of a dangerous nature to your guys daughter then leave em alone. My ex was ordered Supervised visits and no contact outside of. If the courts haven’t order a no contact than it isn’t as serious as what’s being lead on in this post. That’s Coming from a mom who’s children actually have a shitty father and has been going through a divorce for 2years who is familiar with the laws of the courtroom.

It is illegal to record someone without concent. If you feel inappropriate things are being said durring the conversations then stay close by so you can hear and write down what is said. Also I would contact the authorities and possibly a lawyer.

There is an app that can record Video and voice on ur child’s phone its technically legal since ur child is a minor that or with supervised visits it don’t come with video chats or phone calls u can pull that away if u want to be the bad guy

I dont think so because i think recording someone without their permission is against the law.