Is it possible to get pregnant so soon after giving birth?

So, I am almost six weeks postpartum with baby number one. And, I had a “crazy” night with the hubs (much needed time with friends and some alcohol while baby stayed at grandparents and we are formula feeding) and we had unprotected sex. Has anyone ever gotten pregnant again this soon after giving birth? I had a c section. I’m terrified to go to my six-week appointment and get news I’m not ready for. We’ll be a happy family of 4 if we have to be; I just don’t want it to be this soon. It was a temporary lapse in judgment, and believe me when I say it won’t happen again. I just don’t know the odds of getting pregnant again so soon. Anyone care to share their experiences?


Yes it is very likely. Happened to my sister. :woozy_face:

Yep…very fertile after a baby

Very likely happened to my cousin. They say women are very fertile those 6 weeks thts why they ask us to wait


Very good… you’re very fertile right after birth… maybe take a plan b if it’s not too late

She should’ve waited bc if she is pregnant she’s might loose it . Not to mention the extreme risk of a deadly infection .


I got pregnant soon after birth my kids are almost a year apart

Highest chance is after having a baby.

It is super likely that you’re pregnant!!! Your 100 times more fertile after having a baby!!! Have fun with your Irish twins!!

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You’re most fertile after giving birth. Im amazed how many women do not know this!


Yes, I got the news at my 12 week check up

After having a c section my dr don’t recommend getting pregnant again for at LEAST 6 months but she recommends a year. Ur uterus was cut and stuff ur all stiches inside u need to heal inside. I would ask ur dr if u can take a plan B or let ur dr know what happened. I have a friend that got pregnant like that she ended up almost dying and had to get a emergency hysterectomy because she just had c section.


Oh yes it’s. And with. Breast feeding

yes!! my cousin’s kid had this happen after her twins were born!!

An early congratulations then. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I know some who children are nine months apart

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Super likely. Your more fertile after giving birth. Your doctor should have explained that to you if you didn’t know already.


You’re so fertile after having a baby!

Yep I found out I was pregnant 3 months after giving birth

Lol your super fertile. Hahahaha