Is it possible to have a full term baby after a tubal?

Is it possible to have a full-term baby after tubal ligation? My fourth child just turns one June 2020, and I had a missed period. I haven’t taken a test yet, but my husband brought it to my attention. I am scared to be pregnant and lose it. Could it be possible I am pregnant and will have a miracle baby?


I got pregnant 4 years after my boyfriends vasectomy. It ended in miscarriage, but anything is possible.

There is a chance you need to see the dr case it’s in your tubes

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my story doesnt have a happy ending but yes you CAN get pregnant after a tubal

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my daughter had a tabular pregnancy and now has a 3 year beautiful boy and a 1 year old beautiful girl

Yes. It happens all the time.

Sure, as long as it is not also a tubal pregnancy. If the fertilized egg makes it to the uterus it should implant there.

Yes I’ve known a couple women to have healthy babies after a tubal. Take a test and get to the dr to make sure its in the correct place

Yes… approximately 1 in 200 women become pregnant in the first year of having a tubal, and that number gets bigger after 5 years.

Only if tubes were just tied and could have come untied but if tied cut and burnt there is no way to safely have the baby and will have to terminate

Yes. I have a 3 1/2 year old and am pregnant with my 2nd. My very first pregnancy was a tubal pregnancy

I’m literally going through this right now, but I’m having a miscarriage.


Simple answer is yes.

A tubal what? Pregnancy or ligation? Either way yes but get to the doctor and have everything checked out.

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I got pregnant 11 months after having my tubal ligation…have a healthy happy 14 month old now. I saw a dr the next few days after getting a positive test though because you do have a higher risk of having a tubal pregnancy.

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Yes I had mine done few years ago and got a very unexpected shock last June while in hospital they discovered I was pregnant I now have a perfectly healthy 9 month old miracle at the age of 41

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Yes you can, I had surgery to have the pregnancy removed from my tube and had a healthy baby girl a couple years after.

My sister got pregnant several times…miscarried several times( not sure why after 3 times she didnt get seen to fix herself but o well) and then she finally got pregnant 6 yrs after her tubal and had a healthy baby girl…had another sister get pregnant and it attach itself to the inside her tubes and she had her tube burst and had to have immediate surgery to clean out and fix her tube…they said the damage was so much they ended up having to take her right tubes completely out…

My mum did 13 years after having it done

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Yes my friends baby is now 4 months old.