Is it possible to know if a toddler has ADHD?

Im just inquiring how people can start telling if their child has ADHD at a toddler age


6? I have boys with and boys with out and they all acted the same from 2-4.

You wont be able to find out till like 5yrs of age or older honestly. My 14yr old was 6yrs old when we found out, my bonus son just got diagnosed at age 6yr also.

My son was about 5 in a half when signs showed but it was also the time his dad and I spilt so I ruled it out as I and him with living with family and he barely seen his dad. But then it kept going till he started school and that’s when I got him seen

Having to use their name to get them to listen, ability to focus on one thing for a long time, an inability to follow simple instructions without clarification or demonstration (Please put your toys back in the toy box is met with a lack of understanding).poor or nocturnal sleep patterns…if it’s your first, you don’t know any differently. You must suspect something to have asked. At that stage it could also be a clue to ASD too.

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I’m in the process of having my 4 year old tested for ADHD and ODD. He was recently diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and also has a speech delay as well. It’s been a two year battle because of his age though. In WV it’s hard to get children diagnosed that’s not in school yet. I have found a wonderful doctor that finally listened to me about everything!

I noticed signs with my son when he was about 4 1/2. Talked to his pediatrician and we decided to wait until he was in school to have him tested. Kindergarten rolled around and his dr said let’s give him another year. Had his teacher, counselor, and principal all backing me when I asked to have him tested in 1st grade. Came back he had ADHD and ODD. He’s on medication and sees a behavioral aid a couple times a week and has improved amazingly in the past year

Clinical diagnosis can’t be done until minimum age of 5.

My son showed signs and was recommended to get tested at 5.

My son started to show signs when he was in school. He got diagnosed at 5 I believe.

Diagnosis depends on where you live. My son was diagnosed at the age of 4 by a behavioral pediatrician

I have 3 children with ADHD. They weren’t able to be diagnosed until they were around 5-6 years old. The pediatrician said that they don’t diagnose at younger ages because it’s difficult to diagnose due to the fact that toddlers tend to have short attention spans as it is as well as other traits that an older child wouldn’t have and they can’t determine if the behavior/signs are just from the child’s age or if it’s signs of ADHD.

I knew my son had adhd before he was born. Diagnosed at 6 lol

They tested my son when he was 6 and wouldn’t do it any sooner

Adhd is diagnosed by age range appropriate behaviors.
So theres a list of “symptoms” which are largely behaviors.
In order for a child to be diagnosed they must have at least (I believe) 6 symptoms.
These symptoms must be present in two or more environments.
The symptoms must also fall outside of age-range appropriate.

It’s totally age appropriate that a 2 year old cant sit still for more than 5-10 minutes.

Its not so age appropriate when a 5 year old can’t sit still for 5-10 minutes at a time.

Its age appropriate that a 2 year old still cries/screams and even physically acts out thier frustrations.

Its not age appropriate when a 5 year old cries screams and physically acts out their frustrations.

In more severe cases it can be suspected earlier but most doctors won’t officially diagnose because theres not much benefit to diagnosing a child that young.

What you can do, is try cutting out artificial dyes (doesn’t hurt either way). You could also give coffee or caffeine water a try. If it calms them down then you are probably correct in your belief that your child has adhd. It may not amount to much until later on but at least you know.

My daughter was 4 when she was diagnosed with ADD

I could with my oldest he couldnt even sit still during a cartoon was always running around with ten million tons of energy and took forever getting him to do anything the right way we put him on meds when he was in kindergarten he does great and is 12 now

Sometimes we are born hyper til we grow up and control it alone little by little.I am still with

My son was diagnosed ADHD at the age of 3. Deemed a danger to himself at age 4. Medication about 2 months ago and he’s now 5.

We knew at around 2 years old, but that was because he literally never slept, and most times it was almost as if he didn’t hear what we were telling him or didn’t hear us when we were calling his name, he also hated different textures of things including certain types of clothing ect … He wasn’t diagnosed until he was 5 for ADHD and SPD though as it was his school that picked up on it, he is now 11…if you have any questions feel free to message me

My son always was very active and once he finally slept he was out!! Hard to wake
Wasn’t diagnosed until 5
Back then it took a doctor and school to say he had it…wouldn’t had him on meds but it was affecting his learning…even though over the summer I’d take him off the meds
I was use to him being active…
I don’t get how they can diagnose a toddler though…

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