Is it possible to show at 7 weeks?

I’m almost seven weeks pregnant on my third pregnancy, and I’m not sure if it’s bloating or if I’m starting to show already. Is it possible to show that soon


Not really, the baby is smaller than rice. Probably just bloat which is normal!

I did a little bit with my second

Yes it is very possible I’m currently 8 weeks and look like I’m 12 weeks along, and this is my 3rd pregnancy also.

My doctor told me the more pregnancies you have the faster you start showing. I don’t know how true that is

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Every pregnancy makes your body a little less elastic and it means you show sooner and feel the kicks sooner too


I was showing at 7 weeks with first pregnancy, had some bloat am 15 now and have a very obvious bump feel huge xx

I did with my second but he also weighed ten and a half pounds.

I showed at 9 weeks with my second, legit bump, no bloat. I was also only 100 lbs

I did but I was super tiny

I showed ridiculously early with my 3rd so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a little bump and not bloating.

I’m currently pregnant with my second and I started showing at 6 weeks, I’m currently 14 about to 15 weeks and I already have a bump

I showed very early with my 3rd, everybody is different though

Especially if it’s not your first…uterus is already stretched out

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They say your third pregnancy you could show way earlier than your previous ones

Make sure its not twins

Yeah baby #2 i showed awhole lot sooner and swear I felt flutters at 11 weeks lol

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Heck yeh especially if it’s your 3rd my first I was 6 months before I showed now my second I was showing by six weeks and in maternity clothes

yes my sistr in la did she looked 5 months and she was a tiny thing

Yes… I was pregnant 7 times with twins and you could tell at 7 weeks with both sets. If I laid on my back I had a pretty good size pouch.