Is it safe to send pictures over text or messenger?

WTH moms!? She is asking a simple question about keeping her baby safe.


Don’t take your baby out either because you know there’s creeps and they can take their own pics, js. 🤷


We just send pictures through text!

Family Album is a good app for sharing pictures with only those you invite.

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Send them through text and just let people know your expectations that they are not posted on social media.


Look up Skylight… love it a few in my family have it and send pictures to each others… it a digital photo frame that you can send pictures to.

Family album app and you can invite family and they can view all photos there


We use FamilyAlbum app… it’s great

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I would look into a skylight picture frame. You can get them for family members. All you do is email pictures to the frame and it shows up almost instantly.


My husband and I made the same decision before our son was born. When he was born I posted on Facebook about his arrival and that we asked everyone who took pictures of him or received any from us to not post them online and asked that they respect our choice. We use text and Facebook messenger to share photos of him.


You could FaceTime and then send pictures by post

Text or the family album app. Messenger can get hacked and Mark Zuckerberg is a creep too(the founder of Facebook).

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Telegram is an encrypted messaging app you may want to try that

Another vote for family album, but we almost went for tiny beans. Video calling is also lovely.

I made a google photos album that recognizes their faces in pictures and the album is automatically updated and shared with everyone who has the albums link

I love 1st time moms :heart::joy:


I would say send them through text but make it very clear to your family and friends that you do not want them shared on social media. When our youngest was born we told family not to share them they were good about it you just have to let them know.

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Why the fuck are people laughing at this?? This shit is so real. People need to grow the fuck up.

Messenger is safe :slight_smile: