Is it tacky to throw your own baby shower?

I don’t really have any family, or friends for that matter. I have a few people from work. I consider friends, and that’s it. I was just talking to my future sister-in-law about having a baby shower in mid-April and how I didn’t understand why her mom would throw out that the sister is planning it and not me. The sister-in-law said, “Because it’s really trashy and tacky to plan your own baby shower. I’ll plan the games for it, but that’s it.” If you don’t have anyone to throw one for you, do you honestly think it’s trashy or tacky to plan your own baby shower…?


I had to plan my own… My own family never thought of it…

No it wouldn’t be. My best friend threw hers

No and I think that women that shame other women like that are the trashy and tacky ones.


Wtf lol thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard im sorry lol
Im a first time mom.
And i planned my own baby shower. Some Family helped in different ways.

No it’s not trashy or tacky. I’m sorry you were made to feel like that. If no one else is doing it, then by all means go ahead. I mean I never really felt anyone was actually throwing one. It was just a baby shower.

I dont think so at the end of the day it’s for the baby not for you

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No, your sister in law sounds like the trashy one. It’s your baby and you do whatever you want.


Nope not trashy or tacky…
If I decide to have one I’ll be throwing my own :grin:

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There is no rules for nothing party’s get togethers . If you wan to make one I’m sure everyone will understand. And go and have a good time . I don’t have fam and friends either . And I’m pregnant . I don’t think any one is going to throw me a baby shower never have … I don’t plan on having one . But if I did I’d make it my self and invite people …


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How to the NO if you want 1 throw 1 don’t even see the big point in them apart from yum food good company &things to help get bub started all the best tho :revolving_hearts:

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Yes! Do not throw your own baby shower!!


Not trashy at all i threw my own shower if it is something you want to do i say go for it!

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No I don’t I have been pregnant 2 times the first time the person backed out . So I never had one then.
The 2nd time another person didn’t come threw . For the day that was planned and I had some family coming out of town . So I had to throw it together last min in a garage . If I was to have another one I would think about throwing one . But I honestly have no one that is close to me family or friend wise . To have one

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No it’s not tacky at all! Do it, you care more about your baby! You’re your own best friend! This way do what you want! :kissing_heart::sweat_smile:

Not tacky at all , she sounds bitter . I organized my own baby shower , my mom wanted to do one but I’m sure she would have left a lot of people out that I wanted to invite

Awe I’m so sorry they said to u wow that’s brutal!!! It sure isnt and any woman who feels the need to plan their own baby shower should he commended!!! To bad they didnt step up like real family hun!!! I’d throw u one!!!

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No absolutely not. I was made to believe this for my first kid, and was in tears (thanks hormones) at 30 weeks cause none of my friends were planning one… my amazing husband contacted a mutual friend and asked her if she’d help him throw me one.

This time, I’m planning my own with the help of an amazing new friend. Of course now I’ve had to deal with people shaming me cause it’s trashy to have one for a second child cause “you already have everything leftover from the first”… not after 9 bloody years I dont :roll_eyes:

There is always gonna be someone out there quick to tell you you’re doing the wrong thing, especially as a parent. Stuff them, and do what makes you happy. I hope you have an amazing baby shower :heart::heart::heart:

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Of course not. You can do anything you want for your baby.