Is it time for me to move on from my relationship?

Need advice, me and baby dad have split up several times over three years, (baby is ten months) he’s not seen our son since Christmas, I still have feelings for him, and he says he does me, but it feels like he is asking to me do stuff to prove it, but he’s just giving me little crumbs to keep me interested a pic now and again and a few messages. Do I hold out for him, or is it time to move on?? A bit of history we haven’t been together since Christmas, he has slept with a few women I haven’t slept with anyone. He says he still loves; I still love him and want him in our baby’s life. He wanted a DNA test done cause he thought I cheated I hadn’t it came back he is his son, but he still doesn’t seem interested in our little boy says he doesn’t feel like he is the dad they wanted an issue till Christmas when we had a massive row, and we broke up, up till then he was the perfect dad.


Move on and let him go

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Move on. Your son deserves your full attention and that of someone who wants to be him. This jack wagon doesn’t seem to want to make any effort. It’s better for both you and your son to walk away. You both deserve more.

He’s not there as a father to his child so why the fuck would you want to be in a relationship with him?

How can you possibly be questioning if the deadbeat who hasnt seen your son for over half his life deserves to be in your bed again? Absolutely not. Kick him to the curb and keep him there with the other trash.


It is time you get rid of him. He wants to sleep around don’t take him back. He’s not interested in you or baby. You can do better. Don’t take him back. He doesn’t wanna see you or baby . Get rid of him. Get child support and say goodbye. He won’t change

Move on baby girl you & your baby deserves a lot better than what he’s giving y’all.

Awe seriously move on he feeds you crumbs because until now you’ve shown him it’s acceptable he could seriously put your sexual health at risk .Go find yourself and concentrate on your son he will be full of regret when a real man raises his son

Do yourself a huge favor and move on! Maybe he’s just lonely. You and your baby should never be the last option in anyone’s life. You both deserve better than that.

Move on. Dont look back!

Nope. If he had no interest in the kid he created, he’s got to go. Love isn’t enough to make a relationship work.

He feels that way cause there is no bond as what he is doing.

Trust Me , Move On !


Move on…he has and you’re just wasting your time…he gives you those little tidbits because he doesn’t want you, but doesn’t want anyone else to have you either…


Get rid be happy with your baby

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Save your self the trouble and just move on. Let him be in his child’s life and co parent to the best of your ability and let things between you guys diminish that’s just my thoughts.

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Move on. If he truly wanted to be with you, he would. Sounds like he’s trying to keep you holding on as a backup plan for if he doesn’t meet someone else. You deserve better

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Move on, why would you want to be with a deadbeat father.

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You already know the answer or you wouldn’t be asking… MOVE ON. He wants his cake and eat it too!


Kick him to the curb you deserve more than that

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