Is it to early to take a pregnancy test?

Yall i am scared to death to become pregnant again; I just had a baby on December 17th, 2020, and have been exclusively breastfeeding and pumping…baby gets bottles of pumped breastmilk overnight, this has caused my period to come back faster than I wanted it to. A mere 48 days after birth, I got my 1st postpartum period …(February 3rd) …I have had sex before that day, and after my period ( which lasted 5 days ) …lots of valentines day sex too …and as of February 15th, and today as well, I have been having bleeding …Is it bleeding from ovulation ( which I have NEVER had before )? Is it implantation…is it from the crazy sex who knows, but I am freaking out …I never had any implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding for my 1st baby or in my whole life …if my period comes back on my 28th day, it will be March 3rd…if it regular again… is it too early for a pregnancy test …I am currently not on because, and he also never came inside me, but I am ohh so paranoid


Valentine’s Day was 3 days ago ??? How would the test be positive ???


You’re stressing and that won’t help. Stress often makes me late but periods can be random after giving birth.

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If you actually believe you can’t get pregnant or have your period while breastfeeding


Dude after a baby is the most fertile you can be. Condoms!


It could be a number of things and wont hurt to take a test.

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Oh little extra info he doesn’t have to inside you you CAN get pregnant from precum as well


I would wait about a week for a test , also you could go for blood work around then as well. Women are more fertile after having a baby .

I didn’t know that til I got pregnant the second time and now my boys are 13 months apart .

Take a test, im thinking it will be negative. Then if your going to have sex tell him to put something on the end of it…and then no worry or stress for you … if test is positive then i wish you well with a young family

Ur period is super screwed up after a baby. Give it time and use condoms until u r done bf

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Talk to your doctor!! Tf you airing all this shit out on fb before? :roll_eyes: If you were so worried about becoming prego again would you not have had him wear a condom? Orrrrr go on birth control? After you have a baby is when your the most fertile. Also Valentine’s day was only 3 days ago so if that’s the sex your worried about I doubt a test would come back positive if you were in fact prego. Also… Did you not think you get your period while you breast feed or did I miss something else? Also, how did breastfeeding cause your period to come back sooner than you wanted it to? Either I’m tired af from work and misread this whole thing or other people are confused too. Talk to your doctor sis. Nobody on fb is a professional. They just got their FB degree not their Phd


My period was always random after my baby , I had my period 14 days after my last one. Do a test I’m pretty sure it will be negative

Welcome aboard the drama train…geesh lady.


Hunny… I was scared to death of having another kid, so I stayed off the pogo stick for a bit…


Why is this even a question?? I call shenanigans…

I had 4 kids and breastfed they were all different in how my periods and stuff were afterward. My 2nd kid took 8 mos before my periods were normal 28 days apart thing. My first one was within a couple months and the other 2 were different still. U should b using protection if u dont wanna get pregnant again

So answer me this, you’ve had a baby and are I’m assuming trying not to have another one, where’s the condoms? Birth control??? Lol seriously if you are having to ask this question already after one baby and refuse to use basic common sense, I agree with the lady up there. #PleaseStopReproducing


I’d buy test at store just to make sure ?

He doesn’t have to ejaculate inside you , precum carries sperm too. And everyone knows pull out method isn’t as effective as people claim

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I didn’t have any time for sex with a new baby ! Good luck