Is it too early for implantation bleeding?

Hi. Question for everyone/looking for any similar situations… I’m not on birth control, nor have I had a period since July (I have PCOS, so that’s not uncommon). Anyway, I had unprotected sex six days ago, and today I’m brown spotting (sorry, TMI) when I wipe, and earlier, there was like a pink color once or twice but primarily brown. Could this be implantation, or is it too early for that? Normally when my periods start, they start heavy, not brown etc…any ideas or anything is greatly appreciated.

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Brown is just old blood.


That would be right on schedule for implantation bleeding and implantation bleeding is very often brown so…

Yeah it can be. It really doesn’t always take that long for it. Just depends when you ovulated and when the sperm met the egg and when the egg attached.

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My implantation bleeding was a light pink but everyone is different.

Brown is old blood so most likely not implantation bleeding.

It is pretty early at day 6 to have implantation spotting. Today is the earliest the baby could implant and it is considered rare. Closer to day 9/10 is the most common. Again not impossible. Also with having Pcos, this could just be your body messing with you, just cause you’ve never had a period like this doesn’t mean it isn’t one.

Its normal your in the beginning of your period. Just lighter and considering you don’t have a regular one its probably old blood and thats the brown your seeing.