Is it too early to introduce a sippy cup?

Ok, so my son will be eight months old on the 23rd. We just got it to where he’ll take a bottle. He has been only breastfed, so he doesn’t know how to use a bottle. He’ll sit it down and suck on the nipple as if it’s a straw unless he is lying flat on his back. My question is, Is it too early to try a straw sippy cup? If not, any recommendations on which one


It will actually be easier! Takes a step out of switching from bottle to cup


No, there’s sippy cups rated for 4 month olds. I started both my kids at 6 months on sippy cups. Both kids could use straws before a year old.

Nope. Mine started with sippy cups and straws around that age.

Started mine at 6 months

Walmart has nuk sippy cups that have a straw. They do leak some though.

Do it, make the transition.

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I just started my son on straw sippy cups. He won’t take a bottle either.

Nothing wrong for kiddos leveling up if they do it go with it!

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They make them for 4 months and up, and if you use them early they get off the bottle faster!

There are some sippy cups that have soft straws i would try them first with his age just so there’s no worry about him falling and possibly getting poked by a hard straw

That’s a perfect age to start. Get ones with the handles to help. I think dr browns makes the sippy with straws and handles.

Nope. My daughter was ebf and we introduced a sippy cup around 6m. The only type shed take though was straw ones

No the sooner the better

My oldest took a cup at 6mo, never took a bottle, only nursed and sippy cup. She didn’t like soft cups either, only the hard ones.

I went from breastfeeding to sippy for water n juice at 5-6 mo. Used sipsters stage 1 straw. Skipped bottles completely.

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No, my daughter refused her bottle at 4 months and I had to get her the sippy cup for 4 months and up.

That’s fine! We introduced a sippy cup for water, as per Dr.’s advice, when my son was on solids around 6 months. Unfortunately he never liked his formula in a sippy, nor did he like his cow’s milk in a sippy after he turned a year. They make really cool transition bottles though. You can look up Dr. Brown’s transition bottle on Amazon. It has a sippy type nipple and silicone handles. It’s easier to hold, and helps the change over to sippy cups. There’s lots of sippy cups out there too, but we seem to like all of the Nuby ones! We also love the Munchkin Gentle Transitions Sippy Trainer…

Munchkin 2 Piece Gentle Transition Trainer Cup, 4 Ounce, Purple

My son started using a tiny sippy cup around 6 months and a spill proof cup with a straw. If they are interested, then go for it.

Nope all mine were at 6 months old