Is it true you are more likely to need a c-section if you give birth at 40 weeks?

I’m 40 weeks tomorrow, and I’ve been told that when you give birth at 40+ weeks, you have a higher risk of needing to have a c section. I was wondering how true this is and what other people’s experiences were?


Never once heard that. Heard your chances of one are higher if induced before 40 weeks though.

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I’m gonna go with no because a due date isn’t always accurate

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Never heard that. I was 40+1 and had a vaginal birth, no complications.


Never heard this before. It doesn’t matter how long you go 38,40,42 weeks it depends on your body mostly.

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Not always the case. 3 of mine were 5 days to 7 days over. 1 was on time all of them were normal delivery
1 was 10 days early. She was a csection

It’s not true. It’s higher chances of medical intervention (c-section, forceps, vacuum, etc) if you’re induced, but that is at any point in pregnancy. Not just over 40weeks. I have 7 kids, births ranging from 35 weeks to 42 weeks, both induced and natural.

Natural birth at 43 weeks… 2 csections at 39 weeks

C-sections are for medical emergencies or requirements… It is normal to deliver full term naturally.

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I’ve never heard that before. My 5th child was just born in May at 40 weeks and I didn’t need a c section.

I haven’t heard of that, all 3 of my pregnancies, I went about a week or two over the 40 week mark and never had a risk of c-section

All three of mine were well overdue. No c section

No it is not true. Pregnancies are meant to go 40 weeks and c-sections are usually reserved for medical necessity such as an emergency or complication. Induction at any point in a pregnancy does raise the likelihood of a cesarean though (being 40 weeks doesn’t matter).

Personally, my son was born all naturally at 41 weeks and 2 days with no complications.

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I was 42 weeks got induced and had to have csection :frowning:

I gave birth to both my babies at 41 almost 42 weeks and not once was c section even mentioned

Yes. That the current info from ACOG. Stillborn chances also rise.

Never heard of that but I was 39 weeks and i had a csection

All my babies have been over 41 weeks. Remember it’s called an ESTIMATED due date, not an actual due date.

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I was 41w3d when my 1st decided to make her appearance. I was induced but had her vaginally.

No. My mother was 42 weeks with me and had me naturally.