Is it true you get more sick when you are pregnant with a boy?

I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m about five weeks along. I’m so friggin sick it’s not even funny. This is my second babe, but with my first baby (who’s a girl), I didn’t start having morning sickness until I was ten weeks along. What I’m asking is, is it true that you get sicker with a boy than with a girl?


I was more sick with my 2 girls than with my boy. I just couldn’t throw up with the boy, always felt like I needed to, though.

Unfortunately all pregnancies are different :blush:

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I got sick with my son and my daughter my entire pregnancy

I’m having a boy and I’ve never gotten sick. Wouldn’t even know I was pregnant. Lol.

I didn’t have any morning sickness with my first baby. But with my next two I had morning sickness ALL DAY. ugh. I have all boys. So the gender didn’t make a difference for me.

Not saying it’s true because I only have two boys but when I was pregnant with them my morning sickness was HORRIBLE :face_vomiting:

I felt nauseous with a boy and a girl, and my other two boy pregnancies I was fine so it just depends on the pregnancy.

i had two boys. first was awful. i was sick profusely until i was 25 weeks. second boy not one minute of puking or nausea. so i wouldn’t say so

No. Every pregnancy is different and the amount of sickness you have doesn’t determine which gender your baby is. I was super sick with a girl

I have 3 boys and didn’t get morning sickness with either of them

I did, with my girl nothing!!! My boy sick girl first boy second.

I threw up more with my son but I felt way more sick with my daughter. Just couldn’t always throw up :unamused:

I have a girl, but I was constantly sick

First time around (boy) I had zero nausea and zero morning sickness…this time around (another boy) I’ve suffered from nausea the entire first trimester. And then the heartburn kicked in… all pregnancies are truly different so its hard to know.

I didn’t really get sick with my son or daughter. Symptoms are related to baby gender

I’ve actually heard the opposite but I’ve birthed two boys and a girl and with my boys I felt sick all day long all through my pregnancy. With my daughter, I only had it in the morning a few times and only in the first trimester.

I was sick most with girl. I’ve had 2 boys first that werent nearly as bad

With my daughter I was sick for the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I took zofran which helped ALOT and then after that I’d only get sick if I waited too late to eat.

My sister was sick ALL THE TIME with her two boys.

I was never sick with my son. I was sick from day 1 with my daughter.