Is it weird to throw yourself a baby shower?

Is it weird to throw yourself a baby shower? Our families do not get along, so we told our mothers we do not want them to throw a baby shower, so there is no drama. So we decided to throw one ourselves, but my husband said it might be weird… because typically it is thrown by the family… did you throw your own?

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I threw my own so everything went exactly the way I wanted it and I would do it again.

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No I did not. My friends and family did it

Me and my sons father threw our own shower and turned out beautifully.

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Just call it a party celebrate the baby instead of a shower lol

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You do it how you want to🤷🏻‍♀️ screw what they think

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I threw my own because my friends were unable to attend my family shower. It’s not that weird

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Nope its not weird I throw my own everything…wait for it I am playing the victim…none of my friends think I am important enough

Maybe you have a close friend that could host it?

I threw my own nobody thought any thing of it if I didn’t I wouldn’t have had one at all cause no one else was going to

Not at all. I planed most of my own. It was a wonderful time. It was also the last time I saw my family since it was right before covid.

People throw their own gender reveals so why not a baby shower? Do it. Times are changing.

I threw my own and it was perfect.

I just didn’t have one, figured what I would spend on showers I could just spend on my baby instead.


I threw my own gender reveal , I would have thrown my own baby shower but cause of Covid I didn’t :confused:

I did my own both times I had a boy and a girl and I made them how I wanted them not weird at all.

My husband planned and organized both our baby showers himself in secret. His parents helped him with a few things and my mom and sister helped him with some. We didn’t have one for our last one due to this whole pandemic :confused:

No. I threw one of my own for my oldest. I also went without one for my youngest because I can’t handle my out-laws.

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I threw my own and then after the baby was born my exs step mom threw one because she’s adorable. Got a lot of stuff surprisingly.

I threw my own baby shower. My grandma chipped in cause she wanted to help a little but I threw it all together and set everything up