Is it wrong for me to ask my childs grandma to stop taking so many pictures/videos?

Am I wrong for asking the paternal grandmother to minimize the amount of videos/photos she takes of my daughter? When visiting, she literally walks in with the camera rolling. My daughter gets shy and distracted by the phone, and I feel like she’s missing out on the opportunity to truly connect and get to know her. She also sends things to people I haven’t met and has never asked me if it was ok to share. When I talk to her, she guilt trips me saying she just wants to remember everything because she loves her so much, and everyone loves to see her. Am I too controlling?


No, your boundaries should be respected but most of all if the your child doesn’t like being recorded I’d tell her stop or else. My child has to be happy and comfortable, idc what anyone else wants when it comes to my child.

I had to tell my mother in law to stop taking pictures of our children and posting them all over social media. It is not wrong. It is a violation of your privacy if you don’t want it done. Definitely speak out those are your babies not hers

This isnt a battle worth fighting over. Let grandma enjoy her time even if it’s taking pictures.


You have a problem with your child’s paternal Grandmother taking videos and pictures of her granddaughter when she visits her​:roll_eyes: Controlling is NOT the word I’d use to describe you, :raised_hands:t3:


Seriously? Who cares. Let Grandma do her thing.


Not controlling. You dont know the people shes sending these photos & videos too. Its unnerving & i have told people not to post my childs photos on the internet & ive stopped visitations cause they brought my child around people i didnt know. Its your job to keep that baby safe. Child trafficking is real. All it takes is one photo & a location to be spoken. Before so.ething bad may happen. If grandma cant respect you & your decision then maybe you need to put a stop to grandma visiting for a bit.

I am a Grandma and I would NEVER disrespect the parents of my grandchildren! Set your boundaries and maintain them! Screw these entitled witches trolling your post!

This is funny because my husbands mom goes crazy with pictures when she sees our kids. Kids hate it and she gets goofy pix because they refuse but whatever.

Its always petty to someone it doesn’t affect or bother.

This page is getting worse with how nasty people are to whoever it is that writing the question they want some sort of support for? Why so much judgement? This page is suppose to be supportive, not for criticism and name calling! Some of you are so immature and inconsiderate :roll_eyes:

I’m the picture lady. I’m sorry but grandma isn’t going to be around forever and she clearly is so proud of them. Let her enjoy her time.
I take pictures of my kids all the time they know me. It’s great memories to look back on.

I remember my cousin house caught on fire she lost all her baby pics but lucky I’m the picture lady she has tons of pictures at my house.

One day she won’t be around treasure the time and memories

No You’re not controlling. You’re her mother. If you don’t like this or feel it’s not good for your child. Ask the grandma to stop it. Follow your gut feeling always. If possible do not ask for suggestions on facebook. People might not actually understand your problem including me.


What if it was your mom


I’m a Grandma myself, so I completely understand what a blessing Grandbabies are! Obviously Grandma doesn’t live with you so she doesn’t get to see her every day. This is her way of feeling connected to her. You also don’t say how old your daughter is. My grandkids changed so fast that I was glad to have my pictures of when they were babies. I say be more understanding of the Grandma. Why aren’t you taking pictures of them both together? That would be a precious and thoughtful thing to do.

Yup. Controlling. Let her capture the moments while you live them. Sounds like a good combo to me!


I wouldn’t make an issue of it .She adores her . She’s grandma .

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I dont allow photos of my children and no one is to post anything online of my kids. I dont even post photos often

As a paternal grandmother who is pushed out for the maternal side…i say you will be the mil one day…and karma will do to you what you do to this lady


You shouldn’t mind her taking pictures and recording memories of the baby. I do understand not wanting her to send them to people you dont know though because you can never be too careful. If it were me I’d be glad she loves the baby so much but let her know that you’d just like her to ask before sending them to strangers

Are you controlling!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: Uh DUH! Stop being a helicopter mom. Grandma’s are supposed to spoil their grandkids. They’re GRANDMA!!! Some of us never even had a grandma. Be grateful your kid does