Is it wrong of me to ask my daughter to pay us back for senior year if she doesn't graduate?

No, I would not make her pay it back. It sounds like she has a lot on her plate to try and work through. I’d have her give up that job first if possible. School takes priority before a job.

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That’s disgusting.
She is struggling and all you care about is her graduation? Mother of the year :roll_eyes:

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“Actively treating” does not necessarily mean she is — or should be — completely recovered. If she had a broken leg, even with the “active treatment” of a cast, it would still take weeks or longer for the physical injury to heal. You wouldn’t expect her to be able to walk on it immediately; you shouldn’t expect her depression to just disappear. Treating depression can take literally months before there are signs of improvement. The fact that she can do some things and not others is more likely to be a sign of impaired energy levels (she can do something important to her, but will be exhausted afterwards) than some sort of willful refusal to get better.

Patience and time are the only real remedies.


I don’t think money is the issue here. You obviously had it to spend so you did. You’re looking for a consequence to kick her into gear. I understand that but I don’t think paying for those things will be motivating for her, especially if going to work is something she wants to do.


Its your kid…you do what you think is best nobody leaving comments deals with your everyday. And every human being is a individual regardless if someone has had some of the same experiences…hope you get it figured out…only thing I would say is don’t give up on her.

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No I wouldn’t expect my kids to pay anything back

Woman your a joke!!! Your the reason your daughter has these issues how about you pay her for everything you put her threw!!!

My 5 year old throws her toys around after i paid for them and i dont ask for money back :expressionless:


My middle daughter went thru something like this. She quit her senior year, 5 months before graduation. It was her 18th birthday so it was out of my hands… except. I told her she couldn’t live in my house unless she was going to school. She called my bluff, moved in with her new boyfriend which lasted 24 hours. I told her she was welcome to come home but Monday she would go back to school. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She moved in with my oldest and her husband. I offered to pay for GED classes if she would take the test. She graduated with a GED less than a year after her original graduation date. I’ll always help however I can but they have to want it. I know this is hard! I don’t think now is the right time for this lesson. She seems to be struggling with something bigger. Maybe make it clear that unless she graduates she’ll need to find somewhere else to live. My middle daughter bounced around a little bit but she’s doing great now, assistant manager at her office. Things aren’t like they were for us. It’s a different world. Sending you hugs and prayers. :heart::heart:

GET STERILIZED!! YOU ARE THE MOM ITS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY to pay for her stuff until she os an adult.

It’s called a functional depression. Yes she does “what she wants” but actually look at her. Is she enjoying those things or is she making herself do them? You pushing her harder will make her fall further behind.


Who makes
Their KID pay them
Back for that shit let them be a KID while they can and don’t
Shit that they are
Experiencing because you made shit choices as
A mom and pick
Shit men
Who aren’t really


I can’t believe you are even considering that :flushed:


Yes it’s wrong . If you chose to pay that then you should not ask for money back it was a gift you cannot ask for money back if it’s a gift. I wish I had a mother that would pay stuff for me like that for the person I have right now has never been a mother to me she has beat me my entire life and still tries to do not ask for money back that has a horrible parent if you do it doesn’t matter she does not finish or not but it’s her choice it would be wrong with her not to finish school but it’ll be even worse on you as a parent to ask for money back do not do it that would be soreness


If I gave my 17 year old like even 500$ and she threw it away on whatever not once would I ask for the money back however she borrow anything after 18 then it’s game on b*tches

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What you need to be doing is be a supportive parent and ask her how you can help rather then forcing her to do things. You don’t need to be her friend. But you need to be her parent. There’s many steps to parenting. Not just punishments and rules.

U r horrible parent for ever considering this I hope she hates u when she’s older it would serve u right

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Pay you back for lying on your back and dealing what you created

Women like you ergh :nauseated_face:

Charge your child you should be paying them compensation for life you gave them they don’t ask for any of it


yeah, you’re an asshole if you do that. take care of your damn children.

What an asshole of a parent :nauseated_face: