Is it wrong of me to ask my daughter to pay us back for senior year if she doesn't graduate?

Wtf is wrong with you?

Ew gross wtf is
Wrong with you

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You are DEFINITELY an asshole! Wth is wrong with YOU?! You sound like a narcisstic pig! YOU are her problem! Let her come and live with ME! At least then she will be loved!

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I would say give her a chance. Some people don’t truly mature till later. And make up for it in fold. I know from experience. And with everything they’ve been through in life. It might take them a little longer mentally and physically to catch up to where they really should be. Because of your life choices they were stunted in their life

You don’t punish people for being sick. It just adds more for her to deal with. Draw her close, love her and help her concentrate on getting the help she needs. While graduation is important, she can take care of that when she is feeling better. After all, in the end, it is just money. And her life is more important than any amount. Love her and get her help. You won’t regret that.


I think you need to educate yourself on these mental issues, and what they really are and mean, and how difficult it is for those suffering…you need some clarity. And simpky being on medication, and having a therapust, while being great, doesnt help like an antibiotic gor an infection. These can be truly dibilitating, even with meds and therapist. I do know first hand. My daughter has all those and more, started at 18, and shes 33…its heartbreaking to see and to try and understand. A very good psychologist explained very clearly to both of us, and her therapist at the time…all of it…it gives a much greater understanding. Your daughter needs help, understanding, PATIENCE, support guidance and love. My daughter still struggles in spite of all the meds, and med changes, therapists, counselors, etc…they need unconditional love. Thats a very hard age to begin with, and its all very scary for them. They dont understand what is happening to them or why. Theres a lot of great articles out there, places to learn all about these conditions. I wish all of you the best, because its a very hard, frustrating situation for all involved i know. But your daughter needs support and love above all else right now as well as understanding. Lots of research helped give me understanding. Trust me, it helps.

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I probably have ADHD but not medicated for it but I have everythink else and I’m 48 and this shit is unreal one day you’re on top of the world the next day I’m thinking it’d be easier if .Ask her Dr for something for yourself to read to help understand her

I’m not gonna bash you, but I wanna share something about mental health because if you don’t suffer from it then it’s hard to understand…when you have mental health it’s a hard to do things you do like and almost impossible to do things you don’t like. Maybe offer to sit down every night and help her with her work and see if that helps


She’s your kid. You might as well have her pay you back for birthdays. Quit being petty and support her the best you can

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The way it sounds like she may have PTSD. Mom maybe you should go to therapist as a family. The money spent is the least of your problems best of luck to all

I think I would not punish her for having mental health issues. She’s been through a lot and is struggling. That’s a really hard situation for a child and she needs support and to be loved through it not punished for struggling.

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Your kids health should come before money, You’re a disgrace for even thinking it, She’s unwell and because of that you want her to repay you because she’s not finishing school, let her work, it’s obviously a good distraction for her, atleast she’s not depressed in her room 247 doing self harm, she’s struggling, be there for her as her mother. Don’t punish her

Shes 17, your responsibility, come on lady. Where she gonna get the money? Her allowance maybe.


No Don.t make her pay back.if she is going through depression that’s enough hell to go through.these are not normal times.

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Yep I’m old school. She’s not asking for food and board she’s asking to refund the money for graduation since she doesn’t care. Everyone has a screwed up childhood. Use it for power not pitty

Maybe she needs a break and lots of love and laughter?

Give love to your daughter. You already feel like an outsider when you deal with these things last thing she needs to feel as though her mother doesn’t care

Yeah, you would be a total A hole if you did that. Don’t do it.

First y’all need to calm down with the comments. Sounds like the family as a whole needs some help. She may be at her wits end. Grown ass women calling another woman an asshole for asking for help is f’d up in itself. Y’all should be ashamed saying some of this stuff. As for you Miss OP - you only have one family - this is your child. I understand your frustration and what seems like fear. However, you said she has several issues she is dealing with. You don’t get to decide how she works through them. She may have no problem getting up n going to work because it makes her feel good, productive, takes her mind off other things. She has a therapist? Ask them what you asked here. I didn’t see a shingle hanging in anybody’s profile pic. Personally, I feel you help each other and do what you can. Things don’t always work out the way you want. You need to accept her for who she is and what she can do. Try telling her how proud you are that she gets up and goes to work with her depression. It may go a long way.


STOP doing things for her tough love goes a long way. My momma whooped my butt even as a senior in high school. Sounds like the child has no respect for her parents/elders.
Does she drive to work? Take her keys and you drive her to work. YOU are the parent YOU Have control.
It starts with home training