Is it wrong of me to ask my husband to be home at a certain time?

Is there anything wrong with asking your significant other to be home by 9 pm if they have been gone all day (unemployed, not at work)? Is it wrong or controlling of me to ask for him to answer my phone calls and text messages if I text him? I sit at home all day with three kids. I want to spend time with him…but he doesn’t want to be home. Then he ignores my calls and texts. He can go sit at someone else’s house ALL day and do nothing. But when it comes to home, he’s just gone. He doesn’t want to be here. He says I’m controlling when I ask that he be home by 9 pm. But he’s also on unemployment and not working. He didn’t come home till midnight last night. If I go do things with him during the day when my kids are in school, he gets mad because we can’t leave until 720 am, and I HAVE to be back home by 310pm for them to get off the bus. I don’t know what to do anymore, and I feel like I’m going crazy


Yeah, I’d have already kicked his sorry butt out.


No it’s not wrong. He has responsibilities. I’d kick him to the curve.


Seems like a real keeper


Absolutely not. He is not being a husband and father, he is being irresponsible and acting like a teenager. I would have a serious conversation about your relationship and possibly seek therapy because it sounds like you’ve become a single parent and he’s an extra child.


Throw the whole man away.


I would ask him maybe why he doesn’t want to be home? I agree he should be spending more time with family.


You’re pretty much a single mom, you’re doing everything on your own. You don’t really need him. He’s not even there, nor helping you with the kids. I’d get rid of him. :100: Edit; Also, it’s not controlling that you ask him to be back by 9. It’s a respect thing.


Throw him out already


I think you need to ask yourself if you really need that kind of man in your life…


What in the hell is he doing from before 720am - midnight and doesn’t keep in touch! HELL NO !! Move on girl there are many good men out there who would treat u right!


Thats just a respect thing. Especially not answering his phone.


help pull ur weight w ur kids house n relationship or leave us alone. id rather do it by myself instead of stressing over a man.


Sounds like my husband. He had a very tight schedule and I was only allotted 1 to 1.5 hours of time. Checked the call logs. He was cheating.


Honestly, it sounds like you’re the side chick.


A curfew for your spouse should never be a thing. He doesn’t respect you- period.


There’s obviously a lot more to this story, but really it seems he’s lost respect for your lifestyle. Maybe he isn’t interested in being in a family relationship.


I would already have told him since you wanna be gone so much than stay gone than I mean sounds like he doesn’t want to be there and says your controlling that’s an excuse he just using that because he doesn’t want to be there I’d change the locks and put his stuff tf outside I would not keep dealing with that kinda disrespectful crap and being with someone who doesn’t want to be home with me that says he doesn’t wanna be with you


Shit. People will treat you how you allow them to. Why would anyone think this behaviour is ok??? I would never act like this and would never be ok with my husband doing it. You already know the answer…

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Girl…kiss his ass goodbye. If he doesn’t wanna be home with his family, he doesn’t deserve you guys. In my opinion, he may have something else going on as well. Good luck