Is it wrong of me to not want kids under 11 at my wedding?

So My son’s father and I are officially tying the knot and already have crazy in the woodwork. Is it wrong of me to not let anyone under the age of 11/12 at the wedding? (minus my little brother who will be nine at the time and my son) There’s a lot of people in my family and a lot of kids, and that is not mulling over too well. Is it wrong of me to set that? ‘Your son will miss out on quality time with his cousins’… Am I ridiculous in not having anyone under 11/12 at my wedding (minus my siblings) should I just take the money loss and expand my guest list? I didn’t think I was depriving my son of quality family time at my wedding by setting this rule in place. Am I?


Your wedding your decision :woman_shrugging:t3:


Your wedding your choice.

Nope. Ur wedding ur choice

Nope. I didn’t want kids at my wedding except my nieces and nephews, that was it

Your wedding. Your choice. If people refuse to come, you know who your real friends are.

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I had a adult only reception

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It’s your wedding, if you don’t want children, it’s your right!!

Absolutely not. We are doing a kid free wedding except ones that are coming from out of town and a few family members who have kids. My son will be there and my two nieces will be there bc they are in the wedding. It’s your wedding girl. No one else’s.

Personally if i were getting married, i would want all my family there.


No not crazy at all!

Your wedding your rules. I’d want all the family including the kiddos, but it’s not my day. Congratulations!


As long as you and your fiance mutually agree. He should have as much say IMO


I mean, I get your point, but I wouldn’t go to a wedding where certain kids can come but mine couldn’t


So much more fun with the kids my son and another little kid we’re the only ones at the wedding and they were having so much fun dancing in having a good time it would be a good memory


Absolutely not. That is YOUR special day. If people get mad, they can get mad. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s quite normal to request no kids.

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YOUR wedding, YOUR choice :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m upset I didn’t do this! Sounds perfect.

Not wrong. I didn’t either