Is it wrong of my fiance to follow half naked women on social media?

Is it wrong for your fiancé to follow women on social media that post half-naked pictures every day? My fiancé and I have been together for five years and have two children together. One is 2, and the other is eight months. My body has changed a lot and I’m very insecure about it. My fiancé never really followed women like that before, and today I noticed a picture as he was scrolling on Facebook (he even stopped scrolling to look at it), and when I asked him about it he laughed it off but it made me feel terrible that he’s looking at women like that all the time. We’ve talked about this before and I thought that was the end of it but I guess not.


Obviously it bothers u, have a serious talk. If he’s immature about it stick to your guns and make sure he understands your stance, if he can’t process that you know what u have to do.


Half of them are bots tbh… be more concerned if he was talking to them women.

Its normal for people to fantasies and like what they’re into, as long as they arent actually involved with that person. And yes ive experienced being made to feel as if he’s no longer attracted to me, I get tiktoks sent to me as well of skinny women doing sexual tiktoks and its made me feel like crap… so I do the same back, some kinky men on tiktok :smirk:

A real man won’t do anything to make his woman feel less. Respectfully tell him it bothers you and if he loves you and truly cares about your self esteem…he will not have one single issue deleting it.


Nope I’d walk away cause If he is looking like that than there is a problem. The next will be cheating on you if he is not happy with what he has. It’s not worth the stress for you.


I’m not saying it’s right but I would only be concerned if he’s 1. Hiding it from you. 2. He’s contacted any of them. Or 3. If you have explicitly asked him to stop and he hasn’t.
You don’t just abruptly stop finding all other people in the world attractive because you’re in a relationship. If I’m scrolling and catch a glimpse of a hot shirtless fire fighter, I stop for a better look! That doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to do anything, or that I’m not still attracted to my guy.


If it bothers u and he doesn’t stop…he needs to go because it’ll only get worse

There’s a difference from looking at the menu and ordering it. :wink:


I won’t put my insecurities on what he could do.
It’s pictures on Facebook. If I don’t like something about myself then I’ll change it.

Bothers me to. Your not alone in that.

Only if he shares them with me too I wanna see😂


Tell him.

Don’t wait for justification do it.

He making you feel beneath him beneath a social life.

So tell him

It’s not like two wrongs make a right but if be doing the same in see he feels same way when your cooing over naked men.

Hang on all he doing is looking.

May be friend off his.
Even hers that post half naked ie proberly perogitive photos.

Don’t all jump the gang.

Not all men cheat.

Not all women are honest.

This someone who insecure about the way they look he is a male yes but he can have a relationship is friendship with females.

Sounds me you want control what he looking at. Your send your self I to stress heaven