Is it wrong that I want my TV back for my son?

Question… my ex-husband and I split up in November since then I had helped him many times financially although when I left I had nothing and no job history and he has an amazing paying job he just blows the money somehow… anyways I have my son Thursday - Sunday and my ex has him Monday-Wednesday, but the entire time my ex has him he is working so he is babysat so my ex wants me to let him keep my tv since I moved into a new place until he can afford another but used my child as to why he needs to keep my brand new tv even though I have my son as well. Is it selfish to want my tv back for my son? I don’t watch tv, but my son likes too sometimes, I have helped his dad so much, and every time his dad ends up being rude to me after I help him. What should I do?


If you paid for it just take it back. Fuck your ex, your kid is more important then what you ex wants.

Um…tell him no. It’s your tv and you have your child more than he does. He can buy his own cheap tv if he really needs it (yes people sell used TVs for cheap). Start not helping him if he is rude about it. He is not your responsibility even if he is your child’s father. You owe him nothing other than allowing him to see his child.


Keep your TV. It’s yours. If he has a good job he can get one. They are not expensive. Not to mention you have him 4 days and he has him 3…


Buy a new tv or a used one online. Pick and choose your battle. A tv isnt worth the hassel. Don’t help again.


Keep it. He’s a grown man, he can buy his own.


I agree with Katie Cheatham!! There are people giving away older TV’s on fb all the time. Help home find one, but don’t purchase it for him, and take 6our stuff back!

I’m confused why was the tv given to him or did you leave it when you left ? If you left it then leave it. If you Gave it to him… I don’t get it regardless. This is dumb.


A. Gimme my tv back period B. My child not bout be with no sitter while you at work when he can be home with me …

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Tell him to buy his own tv

I personally want my kids to have everything they could want or need at both houses, even if that means I’m paying for it. I would buy whatever tv I could afford, even an old box tv, and make him give me mine back. I don’t mind footing the bill for my kids to have a nice life but I’ll be dammed if he thinks he’s entitled to the good shit I pay for no sir have this 1998 40in box tv :tv: if that’s all I could find that I could affor d

Just go to Wal-Mart and get a cheap tv they have them cheap and sometime reduced for good sized tv.Bought one 5 yrs ago for100. dollars and good picture no trouble

Stop helping him and get a new tv. Let it go. Stop helping him though. Puck the battles. A tv is a material object, even though I get where your coming from, I’m sure you can get a new or used tv which will be fine or even better.
Also…at this time…who’s babysitting the child?? Is dad still working? Does the person watching the child live in the home? No outsider should be going into a home to babysit for a few hours and leaving again, not with what’s going on right now.


It’s your tv. He’s working so he should buy one. Plain and simple.


A TV isnt worth the battle. Go get a new TV or find one for free. And he has the child during working days what do u expect him to do? Not work? Life still has to go around. Stop helping him if your going to hold it over him. In the courts eyes any help u give outside of a court order is gifting and couldnt be used against the other. Worry about yourself and ur kid.


Get an ipad and download Netflix

Some women like are too fkn nice take one keep it if u bought it if he has a job let him get one and is u having son by court order if not u take him DNT see how am mom’s do that unless can’t defy court but fk that my kids stay n my home who knows what else goes on the…just sayn

Wow!!! You women need to quit supporting and helping these grown men then you won’t be so mad!!


Get your TV back!! He can get his own!

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Why does he want the TV when the child is at a babysitter all day …tell him to buy his own and go get yours